Happy Anniversary my love!

MV, AV Wedding

5 years ago today everything changed. My name changed, my living arrangements changed, my life changed and my status as a single woman changed. 5 years ago today, I married the man of my dreams. During our wedding ceremony, just after we were “officially married” I presented him with his first gift from his wife. I presented him with a sword. Yep, that’s right, I gave my husband a real, very sharp, very large sword. You see, it represented so many things to me and it was a great picture of what was in our future. I said to him, there will be times in our life that will require him, as the man of the house to fight all kinds of battles on behalf of his family. Spiritual battles, employment battles, budget battles, emotional battles and even physical battles. I wanted to make sure he was equipped to go to into battle, and the word says the sword of the Spirit is the word of the Lord. I wanted my husband to be prepared for his role as man of the house. I wanted him to know that while he fights all those battles, I will cover him in prayer. I will stand by him, wait for him to return victorious, I will nurse the wounds that come with war, I will build him up, I will be proud of him and I will honor him as the man of our house.


Today, 5 years later, that sword means more to me than it did on our wedding day. Looking back, knowing that I had no idea what battles were in front of us, I can only praise the Lord for bring me to that very gift for my man. The last 5 years have been a bloody war, battles left and right. Nights where my man felt defeated, mornings that came with little rest and days full of soreness from the battles my husband had faced. Praises Be, we were equipped. We were ready, we fought hard, we played hard when we could play, we laughed when we were tired of crying, and we have made it. We have made it together, he has fought so hard for me, for us, for our son, for himself and I could not be more proud. I did just as I said I would. I covered him in prayer, and still do. I love to pray over my man, nothing is more fabulous. Nights were spent with him sleeping and me awake praying while I watched him rest. I stood by him, I waited for him to return victorious, I nursed the wounds that came with war, I made it my mission to build him up, and I could not be more proud of him. I love this man, the man that I am proud to say is the man of my house. He is the man of my life, he is the one who has captured my heart and I could not and would not want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else.

Not to mention, I think my son has the best daddy in the world. I cannot wait to have more babies and just fill our house with our name sake.

Daddy and Isaac

Andrew: I love you. I love you deeply. You are a part of me. I cannot even think of functioning without you. You and I fit together so well. I have loved every minute of the last 5 years and cannot wait to see what adventures the Lord has in store for us, as long as you are with me, we can make it through anything. I love you baby!


Wordless Wednesday

We had some great pictures taken of Isaac at 18 months by a friend, who was a very talentated new photographer – check out her work.






Man, I love this kid.

Don’t think it was ever easy…

It is no secret that Andrew and I have had our “moments”. We will just call them “moments” for now. You know the kind of “moments” I am talking about. The kind that make you fall to your knees, tears streaming down your face, doubt staring you straight in the eyes, the kind of moments that will literally shake you to your core. We have had those moments.

The moments we can look back on over the last 5 years of our marriage are life changing, faith defining, earth shaking moments. Some are filled with joy, others with anxiety. Some are filled with laughter filled nights, and others were spent listening to the beeping of hospital monitors. Some are filled with the greatest blessings anyone could ask for and then there are the moments that are so challenging one would question how we made it.

Those moments, all of them, are all moments that Jesus hand picked for us. He chose those moments for our first 5 years of marriage long before we took our first breath or even before our parents witnessed that little magic plus sign on their home pregnancy test.

So my question is this… when exactly did we ever think life, married life or life as parents would be comfortable, easy or always “wonderful”…. You know the kind of wonderful that leave it to Beaver experienced. Where exactly in the Bible does it say those who choose to follow Jesus will never know suffering, anxiety or pain?

Right now in our culture people will be in a TV show that will test the very strength of their minds and bodies, people will take it further and sign up for a TV show that will eventually put their integrity in question. They will put their kids in front of the camera and attempt to raise them with a sense of normality, and the moment they speak of Jesus and stand firm in their faith, it all comes crashing down and the cameras turn off and no one is around. The evidence of the “rumors” are still published, the hearts of their loved ones are still hurt and none of it was as easy as they thought.

I know of a woman who on a daily basis says these words about “my people”…. “religious people make me sick, their very view of life disgusts me”

When and how did we get the idea that following Jesus was the easier choice? When did we “those kind of people” think it was okay to have them call our Jesus disgusting? When were we ever encouraged to be Jesus with skin on because it was the “popular thing” to do…

His word makes it clear… “They will hate you because of me”… Those seven simple words say so much.

“They will spit on you because of me”

“They will mock you because of me”

“They will tear your lives apart with so called “reality TV” because you choose to talk about me”

“You will disgust them because of me”

“They will withhold promotions from you because of me”

“They will try to spend your money on experimental medical testing because they have no other answers and refuse to look at me”

“They will beat you and hang you on a cross, because of ME”

So I ask you this, are you up for whatever He has set out for you? Even if it is  uncomfortable, smothered with anxiety, painful, unfair, hard work, filled with long nights and even if it means you only wear water proof mascara for the rest of your life? Are you up for it?

I want to raise my son to be up for it. I want him to look in the face of pain, anxiety and fear and know that Jesus has already overcome the world. I want our family name to be one that brings a smile to the face of our savior and I want my son to be “hated” because of Him -yes you heard me right. I want my son to know Jesus so passionately no one will be able to see when he beings and his love for Jesus ends. I want him to know it is hard work to passionately love Jesus. But I also want him to know the blessings that come with it are worth it all and are enough.

But really, will the moments of blessing be enough? The moments of a peaceful nights sleep, a blessing in the midst of suffering. The moments of laughter, a blessing in the midst of over whelming heart ache. The moments of excitement as we dream of taking a trip to Vegas, a blessing in the midst of anxiety filled mornings.

Jesus – you are enough. I love you. I work for you, I sleep so I can wake well rested and honor you with my actions. I eat so I can be healthy and serve the people you have placed in my life. Even if those people spit on me, mock me, beat me and hang me on a cross, Jesus, I will do it for you. I love you.

Oh and PS – Satan, you have no place in my home, there is not a room that does not hold scripture on the walls, do not even think you are welcome in my life, my home, my mind or in any part of my husband’s mind, life and heart and do not get me started on my son…  Back the heck up – YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

Catching Up…

I know, I know, I’ve been gone for a while… what can I say, life is just nuts… a fun nuts, but nuts… so here is a little update and some pictures…

May is a fabulous month in our house, it is the beginning of “spring” which means, I get to clean every inch of our house… yes I actually love doing it, so I have been cleaning, re-arranging and re-cleaning – so once everything is done and pretty – I promise I will post pictures. I have moved tons of stuff around and cleaned and I tell ya, it almost feels like a brand new home… I have not spent the entire month cleaning so far… I did get out and do some sister shopping… Isaac and Cede loved hanging out together in ONE stroller… I tell ya, we made Grandma Cherie proud that day…. We ate Cinnabons and shopped until our feet hurt.

Isaac and Cede Shopping

Besides cleaning, the month of May is the anniversary month for hubs and I, yep, we have been married 5 years on the 22nd. Man, time sure does go by fast… We are planning a little vacation, just the two of us, over the weekend and we could not be more excited. We are counting down the days – 11 days from today to be exact the vacation will being…

Mother’s Day could not have been more perfect. We went to see Grandpa Marty and Grandma Cheryl for dinner on Saturday, we lit the fire pit and had smores… we played on the swings in the back yard, Isaac got a swing for our front porch so you can count on some pictures of that coming next week. Sunday my beloved hubby cooked a fabulous breakfast, and let me sleep in until 9am… He even took Isaac to the store with him… Isaac woke me up with a kiss and a jump on the bed and we all enjoyed a tasty breakfast. Then we had lunch with Nana Starla, Papa Roy and Mama Pitta (Roy’s Mom Ruby) and mama got to take another nap. I tell ya, it was the most perfect day.

Isaac and Cede Mothers Day 09

Outside of life as a mama, work keeps me busy. You know, work long hours, play long hours right? Well, here are some of my most favorite pictures in the world…. Enjoy!

Isaac 16 months 002

Isaac loves to open the cabinets and “help” feed the dog. I just love his little diaper sticking out of his pants, is that not the cutest thing ever?

Isaac 16 months 181

Mama took Isaac swimming and he loved it – hopefully he will become a fish and just love the water – I think we are due for another trip to the pool shortly…

Isaac 16 months 154

Isaac watches people walk by the house all the time. He loves to look out the window, well, he loves to play with the blinds, but mama pretends he is “looking” rather than playing with the dangerous choke hazard…

A beloved friend sent me this today…

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

In Genesis, the Bible tells us that God breathed life into Adam. Not only does God breathe life into our physical bodies, He breathes life into our dreams and desires. He breathes new life and inspiration into your heart. I believe, even right now, He’s breathing a bigger vision into your spirit. One scripture says, “It’s not by our might. It’s not by our power. But it’s by the breath of Almighty God.” As God breathes on your life, things are going to get easier. Negative situations are going to turn around. You’re going to have wisdom beyond your years. You’re going to have a resolve that will not give up, an attitude that refuses to quit.

Everywhere you go, you need to imagine the most powerful force in the universe is blowing in your direction. Believe that His favor and inspiration are on your life. Look for those opportunities that God will use to take you further than you dreamed. As you trust that God is breathing in your direction, you’ll see His hand of grace and favor moving you forward in victory in every area of your life!

So if I am reading this correctly, the One who created the Heavens and the Earth has placed HIS favor and inspiration on my life. The opportunties of the so called failed dream is an opportunity for Him to take me even further than I have ever dreamed. I love the part when he talks about when God breathes on my life and how things are going to get easier, the negative situations that have come up are going to turn around and I am going to have wisdom beyond myyears. And the best part of it all is that I am going to have a resolve that will not give up, an attitude that refuses to quit. I think I will walk thru any kind of heartache for just a simple wiff of His breath.

Can I please get a “Praises Be” – man He is good. All the time, He is good. My GOD IS GOOD I say – HE IS GOOD.

Answers, Peace and Kissing

Yesterday I asked three questions, after much conversation and plenty of reading I seem to have a few answers. I am surprised at how the Lord works at times. He just keeps surprising me… So here is a little background… there was a decision to be made in our house that impacted our finances. Hubs and I talked about it for days, I actually think a little over a week. Well, it turns out that we disagreed, which I know never happens in any other home other than ours. He really felt like proceeding was not something we could do in good faith, and I frankly just wanted the item on the other end, I just wanted the “dream”. So, at the end of the day, my heart was broken because the “dream” was not something we could truly say had been blessed by the Lord, and man, I don’t want anything that He has not blessed. But in reality, in the moment, I wanted it. Well, we talked, I yelled, we prayed, I cried, we were mad at each other, I went on a small shopping spree to make my self “feel” better, we kissed, we stared at each other, we laughed, we met each other right where we were, I was disappointed, he was looking out for the best interest of our family and together we found Jesus, a resolution and peace. Man, I am so glad I married a man of integrity. Seriously, when I tell people I married him because Jesus said I should, I mean it, Jesus gave me a man that could deal with my stubborn heart, my passionate way of doing life and my strong willed “woman-ness”… He gave me exactly what I need, He knew hubs and I were have this “talk” long before we were even born. Is that not the most amazing thing ever…

So needless to say, the rug was not pulled out from under me, the furniture was just re-arranged. We have not given up on the “dream”, it is just not God’s timing right now. My heart ache was healed with submission, both to my God and my husband. Thru prayer and humility, I have now learned what it means to be married to a Godly man, who truly has the best interest of his family as his priority. It is hard, sometimes it comes with tears and lots of “talking”, but it ends with peace, joy, the feeling of making our Father proud and lots of kissing.  It was a good day.

Jesus, I love you and praise you! Enough said. Amen.

Just a few questions…

1. How does one deal with life when the rug gets pulled out from under them?

2. How does one deal with the reality of giving up a dream?

3. How does one deal with such a heart ache that it leaves one weak in the knees?