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Catching Up…

I know, I know, I’ve been gone for a while… what can I say, life is just nuts… a fun nuts, but nuts… so here is a little update and some pictures…

May is a fabulous month in our house, it is the beginning of “spring” which means, I get to clean every inch of our house… yes I actually love doing it, so I have been cleaning, re-arranging and re-cleaning – so once everything is done and pretty – I promise I will post pictures. I have moved tons of stuff around and cleaned and I tell ya, it almost feels like a brand new home… I have not spent the entire month cleaning so far… I did get out and do some sister shopping… Isaac and Cede loved hanging out together in ONE stroller… I tell ya, we made Grandma Cherie proud that day…. We ate Cinnabons and shopped until our feet hurt.

Isaac and Cede Shopping

Besides cleaning, the month of May is the anniversary month for hubs and I, yep, we have been married 5 years on the 22nd. Man, time sure does go by fast… We are planning a little vacation, just the two of us, over the weekend and we could not be more excited. We are counting down the days – 11 days from today to be exact the vacation will being…

Mother’s Day could not have been more perfect. We went to see Grandpa Marty and Grandma Cheryl for dinner on Saturday, we lit the fire pit and had smores… we played on the swings in the back yard, Isaac got a swing for our front porch so you can count on some pictures of that coming next week. Sunday my beloved hubby cooked a fabulous breakfast, and let me sleep in until 9am… He even took Isaac to the store with him… Isaac woke me up with a kiss and a jump on the bed and we all enjoyed a tasty breakfast. Then we had lunch with Nana Starla, Papa Roy and Mama Pitta (Roy’s Mom Ruby) and mama got to take another nap. I tell ya, it was the most perfect day.

Isaac and Cede Mothers Day 09

Outside of life as a mama, work keeps me busy. You know, work long hours, play long hours right? Well, here are some of my most favorite pictures in the world…. Enjoy!

Isaac 16 months 002

Isaac loves to open the cabinets and “help” feed the dog. I just love his little diaper sticking out of his pants, is that not the cutest thing ever?

Isaac 16 months 181

Mama took Isaac swimming and he loved it – hopefully he will become a fish and just love the water – I think we are due for another trip to the pool shortly…

Isaac 16 months 154

Isaac watches people walk by the house all the time. He loves to look out the window, well, he loves to play with the blinds, but mama pretends he is “looking” rather than playing with the dangerous choke hazard…


Weekend in Review

Two words come to mind when I think about this weekend… Peaceful & Restful… it was wonderful. Isaac stayed with Grandpa Marty and Grandma Cheryl from Wednesday night to Saturday morning… what does that mean – MAMA GOT TO SLEEP!!!! Mama loves her sleep – mama can sleep for hours – early to bed on Friday night and wake up later than normal… let’s just say, I woke up after Isaac normally goes down for his 1st nap – so I got well over 12 hours of sleep – It was fabulous… So, after a long night’s rest, it was up to Fort Collins… Lunch with my sisters, pick up the wee one and witness the cutest thing ever. He cried when I showed up and ran straight for Grandpa. We got him in the car, he continued to cry and reach for Grandpa and as we drove off, until we got to the high way, his hand was pressed on the window, tears streaming down his face yelling “No Gampa No Gamma”, he tried so hard to get out of his seat, poor fella had so much fun he did not want to go home… he fell asleep shortly after reaching the highway… He and Gamma made mama the sweetest little valentine EVER!!!! Yep – I sure did take it with me to work this morning… nothing makes Monday’s harder than a great weekend. So, once we got home we got ready for a birthday party. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Isaac’s friends – which are mostly girls… and some animals – yep – there was a small petting zoo at the party and Isaac loved every minute of it – he loved being out side, playing with the animals and the items they left behind if you catch my drift!!! Saturday night was a nice quiet night at home, nothing fancy, we watch a little Handy Manny, ate some yummy food and took a bath in the kitchen sink – then off to bed – Sunday was a lazy morning – Isaac and mama cuddled and just hung out – I went grocery shopping, Andrew and Isaac went to Nana and Papa’s to play Guitar Hero before the big game and then it was game time… Man, the weekends make it hard to come back on Monday. What I would not give to be home, folding laundry, with Handy Manny in the back ground and my little helper pulling things out of the dryer – I seem to miss him more on Monday!

Jesus, watch over my baby, bless him with a good day, lots of friends to play with and give his mama peace that passes all human understanding. Amen – and Again I say Amen…

The perfect Sunday…

It was a nice weekend, a restful one. But something struck me as interesting over the weekend. I personally think the purpose of life and relationship with Jesus Christ is to learn, discover what His word truly says, not just take the words of others as truth.

So I personally am on this adventure to discover what the Lord truly says about very passionate issues. One being abortion, as you might tell by the latest posts, another being gay marriage and then there is  how to raise Godly, respectful, independent and passionate children. So, if I might have offended anyone with my latest blog, I did not mean to, rather, I have set out to discover what Jesus says… after all… we were created with a mind for a reason… And I want to raise my children to discover what He says, I what to be able to give them Biblical References as to why I believe what I believe, and if I don’t ever imbark on this journey, then I will not have the answers or be able to guide them to solid Biblical references, when their questions arrive…

So back to the perfect Sunday. We spent the day playing with the little one, taking naps, playing video games, watching TV, reading, eating snack foods and just being together. It was a wonderful family day, the perfect motivation for this rather passionate and cumbersome journey. And now, back to Monday –

Not sure what is was, but I held it…

I had one of those days this week, a fabulous one that is. No seriously – it was the best day in a long time. You see, it did not start off that way, it was just an ordinary day, until around 4pm that is. At 4pm I got a call from my boss asking to me join her in the OR. So, I left my desk, paper and pen in hand and arrived in the OR. She looked at me and said firmly “put that down and come here”. I was given little blue booties, gloves, a nice hair net and some kind of covering. Once fully dressed, I walked further into the OR and someone looked at me and said “Hold this”… I am not sure what I was holding, nor was I sure where it was, but I knew it was important.

You see, we had an emergency yesterday that required a patient to be transferred to another facility using flight for life and in the midst of everything, I got to hold something, again, not sure what it was, but I knew it was important. How did I know how important it was? Well, you see only important things are under the blue coverings… yes I did get to peek and I did see what was under the blue sheet, by the way, it was totally awesome. So, needless to say, I held something important, not sure what it was or what it did, but I got to hold it. Not only that, but I got to see how everything transpires during these emergencies, the flight for life preparations, the inner department transfer (we had to go from the OR to the ER) and I got to watch all of these people really do an amazing job. A life was saved yesterday, a loved one is going to be okay and I got to watch, oh and hold something very important, I am sure.

Just when I was beginning to doubt why I am working, I was given the gift of witnessing something life changing. The Lord is good my friends. He answered my tiny prayer in a big way. Yesterday was a day worth leaving my son for, but when we are called to do something for Him, shouldn’t all our days be worth leaving our loved ones each morning? Is serving Him so important that mama is to leave her baby everyday? I don’t say this often, but I am sure that what I do matters and most of all it matters to Him. He is good, I am sure of that.

The best view

This is my view every morning on the way to work… Don’t worry, I was stopped when I took this picture. isaac-15-months-065

Mondays are rough…

Long weekends make Mondays hard. I did not go into work on Friday, mostly because Isaac was sick. He had a febrile seizure in the morning, which is not as horrible as it sounds. Scary yes, but horrible, no. It is basically just a fever-induced seizure, his fever got really high very quickly and his body reacted in a way that brought his temperature down… So we spent the day visiting with the doctor, cuddling on the couch, napping together, playing in the bath tub and just having a little mama and me time. Saturday daddy had to work, so Mama got more cuddle time with Isaac and Sunday we took a walk, had a lazy day around the house, did more fever control stuff and just hung out some more… All of which makes returning to work on Monday really hard. I miss my little man, if I were home with him, right now, he would be up from his morning nap and we would be watching Handy Man Manny together while spooning on the couch. We would enjoy a lovely morning snack consisting of only the finest Wal-Mart brand snack foods, you know pretzels, yogurt, and string cheese. Then we would enjoy some place time in the play room, we have enjoyed playing catch with Nhyja lately. Isaac throws the ball; Nhyja goes after yet, stands right next to it and looks at him as if he had a treat for her. He screams, also known as demanding for her to give the ball back. Eventually he will walk over, get it, give her a hard tap (we are working on being gentle) and laugh as he walks away, ball in hand. Following play time, we would enjoy some PB and J sandwiches, pretzels, cheese and juice for lunch, enjoy a walk and an afternoon nap. We would then wake up from our nap and get ready for daddy to come home and get dinner together. Oh the day dreams a working mama enjoys!

Lord, bless my buddy while we are away from eachother today. Bless me with the ability to focus and serve those I work for today. Bless me with patience and understanding as my heart longs to be at home. Thank you for the view outside my window. The sun is shining and the fields are peaceful. The mountains are radiant and your creation is stunning today. I love you. Give me eyes to see like you see. Amen.

2080 hours and lots of tears…

A year ago today I returned to work from my maternity leave. A year ago I had a tiny little baby, just a little over 2 months old… A year ago today I cried so hard my eyes hurt. A year ago today I was so excited you would have thought it was the first day of kindergarten for me. I had new pens, new shoes, a new frame to sit on my desk and hold a picture of my precious one and of course I totally had on a new outfit. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I remember what it felt like to drop him off for the very first time. I remember emailing with my mother in law all day, just to make sure he was not giving her a hard time, because you know, if I need to come right home, I will… I remember what it felt like to see the clock say 5:00pm and know it was time to go kiss my baby. I kissed him and held him as if I had not seen him for weeks. My poor husband must have thought I had gone crazy. But I spent that night loving on my baby, I ate dinner with him in my arms, I nurses him as we watched TV, we fell asleep together and I cried again when I had to put him in his crib for the night because my heart just could not bare to let him go for another few hours. I remember getting up so excited the next morning, ready to nurse him, kiss him all over and just hold him for a while before having to get ready for the day.

So, I have officially been a full time, working out of the home Mama for a year. Yep, I have spent over 2080 hours over the past 52 weeks away from my baby. I have been blessed with a mother in law who loves him and cares for him. I have been blessed with a new friend, a godly friend who loves on my baby two days a week so Nana can have a break and man; it feels like time has just flown by without warning of how fast it travels. My little fella is walking, starting to talk and giving his Mama real kisses. One thing remains, 5:00pm is my favorite part of the day, dinner as a family, a relaxing evening, kisses and baths before bed, cuddling as we read a story and spending time praying over him, that is my favorite part of the day.

Jesus – you are good. You are good, so good. Thank you for a good year, I praise you for the blessings you have given me, the job you have created for me and the family life you have blessed me with. Some nights were short, some days were long, but regardless, you were there. I could not have made it thru the ups and downs of this year without you. I love you more than life. Amen.