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I am Called to be a Working Mama

So, most of you know, I am a working mama, one that works outside of the home, 5 days a week, 9 hours or more a day… Sometimes, I will be honest, it breaks my heart to leave my baby, well now technically a toddler, each day… but today, a few simple blessings came my way that reminded my exactly why I do what I do and what gets me thru the day…

So, I arrived at work today, shortly after 8am, to my surprise the State Surveyors were awaiting my assistance when I arrived. You see, in the Medical World, when the State Surveyors come, it basically makes everything 10 times as stressful. Not to mention this came on the busiest week of the month for us, and on a week when we are over stuffed with patients. But in the midst of the stress, a few small blessings affirmed that I am doing just what the Lord has called me to do…

So what is it that I do? Well, I am the Clinical Executive Assistant for the Clinical Executives at this hospital. My job is deeper than answering phone, maintaining calendars and making sure everyone gets where they need to be on time. You see, on any given day, I am called to respond as a patient representative for those who are less than satisfied with the care they have received or will soon receive, I am an advocate for the department directors – assisting them in the daily tasks it takes to make sure our clinical units are fully equipped with what is needed to provided excellent patient care, and beyond all of that, I am a servant. Yep, my job can boil down to one word and that is service. I am here to serve those around me, you know, to do the things not many people would want to do… But there is beauty in that. There is Jesus in that and there is a specific calling for me here.

My heart is at peace with leaving Isaac everyday, yes, my heart aches, but it aches because I have to learn to share him, I have to learn that I am not the only one who the Lord has called to love this little one. I have to learn to give him to Him, let him go, release the desire to hold onto him so tightly his little lips turn blue. I am a working woman, a servant of the Lord, who happens to love her husband and be the mama of a precious boy.

So today, those little blessings I spoke of – all started with one simple email…

Blessing #1 – “Thank you for being my rock……….”

Blessing #2 – I got to pray for my dear friend who is stressed beyond measure. She saw the Lord thru me, there is nothing more important.

Blessing #3 – Thru the business tasks of the day, I can look out my wall of windows and watch the sun set – I can see Him at work, not just in the babies that are born, but in the beauty of His creation.

Blessing #4 – Regardless of the amount of stress the work day might bring, I get to go home every night to a wonderful man and little one who love me no matter what I accomplish during the day.

May you be richly blessed in the simple things of life today! Have a great day – I am leaving work and off to my favorite part of the day!

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday