Your love is deep – Jami Smith

It always amazes me how much the Lord will reveal Himself upon my asking. As I was driving back from the wedding, in the middle of the night this song began to play…



Your love is deep – Jami Smith

Your love is deep

Your love is high

Your love is long

Your love is wide

Deeper than my view of grace

Higher than this worldly place

Longer than this road I travel

Wider than the gap you filled

Who shall separate us

Who shall separate us from your love

Nothing can separate us

Nothing can separate us from you love  

My eyes filled with tears, mostly because

I was just thankful to hear of my Father’s love.

I was in desperate need to feel His touch,

and He came to me, in the words of a song.

I stand amazed and more in love

with Him today, than ever before.