Goodbye – a long time coming…

Since I have a little break I want to spend some time in reflection. I know it has been a while since I wrote, but it has been a long few months!  

Well, the day has come. My life for the past two years, at least work wise, has all been in preparation for today! Starting at 1am this morning, the final stage in this new Hospital was in progress, the remaining medical equipment that was not needed for the patients we currently have was moved, the ER at the old campus closed at 6:45 this morning and at 7am we received our official first patient. Patients are being transported every 15 minutes from the Egbert Campus to the Praire Center Parkway Campus. It is starting to feel like a real hospital around here. At 7pm we will receive our last patient from the Egbert Campus and life will resume as normal in the days to come. It is hard to believe that after today, the very thing I have worked so hard for will be complete. It was April 18, 2005 when we broke ground on the land the hospital owns. It seems like yesterday as I look at all the hours of preparation, boxes of paper that hold documentation no one will care about after today and most of all it amazes me to look back at the memories I have and the people I have come to love.  

As I look back on this journey, I am amazed at how the project has come together and I am amazed at how I have changed over the last few years, both professionally and personally. The biggest change, is I am expecting my first child in November, and the things that use to be a big deal, don’t seem so important. Lately, my life has been consumed by work and the excitement of having a baby. Recently I had the opportunity to spend some girl time with a friend and it was a miracle – we only talked about the baby! There was little or no mention of my work life, and having been so consumed by it for the last two years, it was a fresh of breath air to talk about something else.  

But as this project comes to a close, I will spend a little time reflecting on the journey I have been so blessed to be a part of.  Over the past 2 ½ years, I have had the opportunity to witness and experience the following life changing events… I know what 1.6 million pounds of rebar looks like and costs J I have seen more than 5,960 gallons of paint go up on the walls and experienced the complaints regarding personal preference of the colors we selected. But I have learned have tougher skin and not take everything so personally.  I have witnessed a patient move that was done with impeccable attention to detail, organization and care. I am honored to work for this establishment regardless of the amount of tears I have cried. I know what it feels like to work more than 14 hours a day and be so proud of everything that was accomplished I could hardly sleep. I cannot wait to deliver my baby in a place I have grown to love with people I deeply respect. I had the opportunity to share a meal with Mr. Satoshi Tsunakawa (or Mr. Toshiba as I call him) the president of Toshiba Medical equipment, and discuss our new technology and the opportunity we have to be a showcase location for Toshiba. I have learned not to get star struck and overwhelm my guest with my camera as I see the scrapbook pages come to mind.  I have discovered a passion that I never thought I would have and am proud to know who I am and what I want out of life.

I have come to experience the reward that comes with a long day of work, little sleep and a deadline and budget met. I have discovered my passion to be a mom as well as continue to work with these people I have come to love. I have met new friends and said goodbye to old ones. Most of all I have learned that nothing worth having comes without a little pain – and I guess that is good to know before labor comes! J

I have enjoyed this journey and am intensely emotional as it comes to an end. When this day comes to an end, I will say good bye to the Phipps boys I have come to know, call my friends and work with everyday. I will miss my Interior Design friends from the lovely state of Texas. I will miss our late night Wendy runs and last minute preparations. I will miss the celebration parties after a job well done and I say good bye with a heavy heart to a job that I am proud to have been a part of.

As the day continues, I will reflect on the limited about of time I have left on this project, but at the end of the day, I will return home with a intimate sense of pride and sadness, looking forward to the adventure that awaits a head, both at home and work!


The countdown has begun!

And the count down begins…  So in the spare time I have between finalizing punch lists for the new facility and matching keys with locks and locks with doors, I have come up with the official countdown for the activation of the new hospital. Which will be the focus of my days for the next 111 days….  

But for now…  From and including: Wednesday, March 21, 2007
To, but not including : Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is 111 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 3 months, 19 days excluding the end date 

Just to make things seem a little more manageable…  111 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 9,590,400 seconds
  • 159,840 minutes
  • 2664 hours
  • 15 weeks (rounded down)

So – that is where the project stands… My to do list this week –  

  1. Finalize the walk thru for Med/Surg/Peds
  2. Finalize the walk thru for
    OB and Labor & Delivery
  3. Match keys to locks and locks to doors (this is going to be a fun and tedious task – considering there are 78 patient doors and over 200 administrative doors! Oh and I forgot the 300 storage/service doors – thank you key guy for dropping all the keys into one box in no organized fashion – My OCD is in overdrive right now!
  4. Finalize and distribute department move plans
  5. Finalize and distribute security access codes

Oh and did I mention it is Wednesday and non of those things are done yet – Yeah for Over Time Pay!!!!  

I hope you are having a great week –

Ps: I just did the math – our 100 day mark fall on April Fools – it should be a fun day at the hospital – it will be fun to celebrate 100 days to go on April Fools – if you have any celebration ideas – let me know!

And I am back once again –

So it has been a while since I have talked with any of you. Life has seemingly taken the best of me. The NEW hospital is 120 days from taking patients, which means the remaining months are nuts. In the past month, in the midst of my absence from blogging, there has been no shortage of stress. Work days are longer, and time at home seems to never be long enough. The weekends are full of naps and comfort food. It actually reminds me of when I was in college, you know, cramming for finals meant late nights, tons of comfort food and lots of caffeinated beverages.  That basically sums up what the last few weeks have been like.

However, there has been significant progress made with Andrew. He is back to working full time and Praises Be, he was able to get out last Saturday and spend some time on the golf course. Watching him walk this path has done fabulous things for my faith. It amazes me to watch and personally experiance the loyalty of the Lord. I have found great comfort in knowing the promises that are within His word that are written for me.

You know, during the last month I had the privilege to attend a fabulous Beth Moore Simulcast. She is by far one of my favorite Biblical Teachers. It was an absolute gift to be able to spend an entire Saturday just reviving my soul. There is something so refreshing about spending the day with your Savior, you know I get so busy between the stresses that come with just moving a hospital. I say “just” because there are many more things going on in life other than my job, but there are times when it feels like my job is the only thing that gets any attention.  You know my mind is captivated by the random facts such as the 40,000 square feet of tile being laid in various places through out the facility and which colors and finishes go where is often a late night conversation that runs thru my mind as I am trying to go to bed.

And I often have to remind myself of what my real purpose in life is, which to my surprise is not to move this hospital, or to make sure we have a freshly home cooked meal on the dinner table every night by 6 and I have come to terms with I might never stay caught up with the laundry. However, my purpose in life is to serve the Lord, spread His word through out the nations and most of all to do what ever He asks of me, where ever I am in life as through He were the only boss I had to report to. I will admit I lost track of my purpose, through Andrew being sick and during the lengthy transition of the hospital, I have lost track of several things and even people as time has gone by. But the thing that disturbs me the most, is I lost sight of my Savior, I canceled our dates so I might get a few extra hours of sleep and most of all, I quit all together the refinement of studying His word which is something I use to take part in every Wednesday night. It is amazing to me how I never really knew how much I missed that time I had with Him, until it was gone for weeks at a time and until I came back and submersed myself with Him once again.

Not to sound down, or place guilt, but this is where the beauty of grace comes in. Just as I often feel like my relationship with my Savior has been lacking, I know there are other relationships that I have left to the  way side the past few months. For example, this Sunday, my husband and I enjoyed a very nice and very quite day at home, however, we spend our time “together” in separate rooms of the house – we both had the need for “alone” time and it was nice to have that, but it was also just as nice to come back and reconnect with one another after the week got underway. It is nice to know my relationship with my Savior goes through the everyday struggles and complexities as any relationship I have. The only difference, my Savior never needs times away from me. It is a nice refreshing thought that I have fallen in love, reconnected and most of all, been refreshed by His presence.

 So for the next few days, my blogging absence will be due to my desire to reconnect with my Savior – I hope you have been richly blessed while I have been away – I miss our “chats”.

All in a days work…

As the work week has kicked off, it is amazing to me how much stuff has to happen in the time period of 8 hours. Well technically it is more like 10 now a days…  Most of you know that I am a self diagnosed OCD sufferer. I plan everything, every meeting is on my calendar, I live by my Palm and I love to make lists. I have task lists, grocery list, reading list, scrap booking list, basically I just live by making lists. The best thing about making lists is the little box I draw off to the side for the sole purpose of placing a check mark in it when I have completed the task or purchased the item. I know, you are shacking your head and maybe even laughing, but I live by lists.  

So every day, I come into work, and on my Palm I have my calendar and tasks updated, as if anything would have changed over night, but you never know, again here comes the OCD thing. So I usually pack my day full, right now, I am meeting with several hospital departments to arrange their departmental and patient move strategies, so when I return for the meeting, again comes the list. You know, I make lists of the outstanding issues that were not resolved, the information I need to forward on and any other piece of information that could possibly mean anything some how makes it onto a list.  

The one thing in my day that drive me nuts and throws my list making and calendar to the wind… PHONE CALLS! Yes, people call all the time. With stupid questions or mindless information. Sales people, vendors wanting contracts, etc. Regardless, this does not fit into my day, I cannot place them on the calendar because I can not anticipate their call and they don’t belong on a list. There fore, they annoy me and totally mess up my routine, you know my working groove.   Emails are different, because I can do them from home or while I am trying to stay awake in a meeting, I can multi task,  thank you wireless technology, but phone calls, nope, if the phone rings, and I am here, I have to answer. It is another OCD thing, but never the less they annoy me.  

Well, that is my rant for the day, I am onto more ever so interesting work meetings. I will keep you informed on my list of OCD annoyances as time marches on – Notice, I even have a list of those 🙂 Have a great day!

A nap and a meeting…

Well, I know everyone has done this at least once… everyone has fallen asleep in some class throughout their life. And if they tell you that they haven’t, well, then they are perfect, and perfect people are no fun! J So I am still suffering from the heavy head syndrome, not enough sleep, being sick and starting to stress out about the big hospital move. So, I was in a meeting, against my will, because I don’t believe that sick people should be stranded in a meeting with healthy people… they will get the healthy people sick and if I am forced to go to work, then I should not be surrounded by others… this is me trying to talk my way out of coming to work for the rest of the week… Now back to the meeting. So, I am in this meeting with probably 30 other people. I cannot talk well anyway due to this lovely illness I have… so I don’t have much input into the meeting anyways, I found myself a nice seat in the back and before long I was doing what I like to call “the high school head bob”. You know when you fall asleep and then jerk yourself awake. Yes, that was me today and I now give you permission to laugh at me, because when I woke up I started to laugh uncontrollably. So just to make things worse, because I was a little stuffy not only did my laugh sound odd, but I snorted as well. So needless to say I did not get caught sleeping, rather I got caught laughing at myself for sleeping, and snorting because I could not breath well, and so my secret was out – well, the work day is almost over and nothing sounds better than a warm bath, some hot tea and an early appointment with my oversized blankets, my fluffy bed and my adorable dog! Welcome to the corporate world my friends… even adults in the working world catch afternoon naps during lectures! Oh the joys of growing up continue!


Life in construction and the medical world revolves around terminology… I just spent a rather long 4 hours at the site learning all of the new terminology… I have included what I learned incase you ever need to know anything about hospitals and construction…  

Head Walls – The electrical and gas hook ups that are fixed to the wall directly above the patient’s bed, preferable directly above or slightly to the right of the patients head.  

Booms – The electrical and gas hook up that are fixed to the ceiling, often found in OR’s, ER’s and any maternity rooms. 

Special Care Nursery – Compared to the NICU – the Special Care Nursery is not the same as the NICU, rather the SCN has different regulations and specifications for the rooms, head walls, and windows.  

Body Holding – Compared to the Morgue – the body holding area is a refrigerated room that has no surgical capabilities within the room.  

Penthouse – the penthouse is the area in the hospital that is often above all patient floors, it is the place that the major heating, cooling and electrical equipment is kept and run from. The massive amount of generators and piping that one can find with in the penthouse is truly amazing!  

I know, the terms I have given you has drastically increased your knowledge! I know, I should totally charge for this material, but this one is a free bee!

Busy Day!

How to determine if your day will be busy…   ICU is packed with all patients on ventilators.  Four critical ER transfers before 10am.   Two flight for life choppers before 11 am.  Reconfiguration Meeting for the elevators within the new facility at 12pm.  New Facility Construction Site tour and evaluation at 1pm. Security procedure and policy reclamation meeting at 3pm.  Pneumatic Tube (internal delivery system) configuration and policy development for the new facility 4pm.  Specimen transfer test within the Pneumatic Tube System – pray for no spills! 5pm.  

Interesting how nothing that was scheduled to happen for the day is actually going to happen. It always amazes me how many “jobs” one person can have… but needless to say, this will be a fun day with tons of excitement and lots of learning – and I get to spend more time with my hard hat, something I just love to do considering today is a good hair day…