Happy Anniversary my love!

MV, AV Wedding

5 years ago today everything changed. My name changed, my living arrangements changed, my life changed and my status as a single woman changed. 5 years ago today, I married the man of my dreams. During our wedding ceremony, just after we were “officially married” I presented him with his first gift from his wife. I presented him with a sword. Yep, that’s right, I gave my husband a real, very sharp, very large sword. You see, it represented so many things to me and it was a great picture of what was in our future. I said to him, there will be times in our life that will require him, as the man of the house to fight all kinds of battles on behalf of his family. Spiritual battles, employment battles, budget battles, emotional battles and even physical battles. I wanted to make sure he was equipped to go to into battle, and the word says the sword of the Spirit is the word of the Lord. I wanted my husband to be prepared for his role as man of the house. I wanted him to know that while he fights all those battles, I will cover him in prayer. I will stand by him, wait for him to return victorious, I will nurse the wounds that come with war, I will build him up, I will be proud of him and I will honor him as the man of our house.


Today, 5 years later, that sword means more to me than it did on our wedding day. Looking back, knowing that I had no idea what battles were in front of us, I can only praise the Lord for bring me to that very gift for my man. The last 5 years have been a bloody war, battles left and right. Nights where my man felt defeated, mornings that came with little rest and days full of soreness from the battles my husband had faced. Praises Be, we were equipped. We were ready, we fought hard, we played hard when we could play, we laughed when we were tired of crying, and we have made it. We have made it together, he has fought so hard for me, for us, for our son, for himself and I could not be more proud. I did just as I said I would. I covered him in prayer, and still do. I love to pray over my man, nothing is more fabulous. Nights were spent with him sleeping and me awake praying while I watched him rest. I stood by him, I waited for him to return victorious, I nursed the wounds that came with war, I made it my mission to build him up, and I could not be more proud of him. I love this man, the man that I am proud to say is the man of my house. He is the man of my life, he is the one who has captured my heart and I could not and would not want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else.

Not to mention, I think my son has the best daddy in the world. I cannot wait to have more babies and just fill our house with our name sake.

Daddy and Isaac

Andrew: I love you. I love you deeply. You are a part of me. I cannot even think of functioning without you. You and I fit together so well. I have loved every minute of the last 5 years and cannot wait to see what adventures the Lord has in store for us, as long as you are with me, we can make it through anything. I love you baby!


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  1. Hope you guys are celebrating madly right now! Congratulations!!

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