Answers, Peace and Kissing

Yesterday I asked three questions, after much conversation and plenty of reading I seem to have a few answers. I am surprised at how the Lord works at times. He just keeps surprising me… So here is a little background… there was a decision to be made in our house that impacted our finances. Hubs and I talked about it for days, I actually think a little over a week. Well, it turns out that we disagreed, which I know never happens in any other home other than ours. He really felt like proceeding was not something we could do in good faith, and I frankly just wanted the item on the other end, I just wanted the “dream”. So, at the end of the day, my heart was broken because the “dream” was not something we could truly say had been blessed by the Lord, and man, I don’t want anything that He has not blessed. But in reality, in the moment, I wanted it. Well, we talked, I yelled, we prayed, I cried, we were mad at each other, I went on a small shopping spree to make my self “feel” better, we kissed, we stared at each other, we laughed, we met each other right where we were, I was disappointed, he was looking out for the best interest of our family and together we found Jesus, a resolution and peace. Man, I am so glad I married a man of integrity. Seriously, when I tell people I married him because Jesus said I should, I mean it, Jesus gave me a man that could deal with my stubborn heart, my passionate way of doing life and my strong willed “woman-ness”… He gave me exactly what I need, He knew hubs and I were have this “talk” long before we were even born. Is that not the most amazing thing ever…

So needless to say, the rug was not pulled out from under me, the furniture was just re-arranged. We have not given up on the “dream”, it is just not God’s timing right now. My heart ache was healed with submission, both to my God and my husband. Thru prayer and humility, I have now learned what it means to be married to a Godly man, who truly has the best interest of his family as his priority. It is hard, sometimes it comes with tears and lots of “talking”, but it ends with peace, joy, the feeling of making our Father proud and lots of kissing.  It was a good day.

Jesus, I love you and praise you! Enough said. Amen.


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  1. a w e s o m e !

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