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Plain Sticky Notes and Black Bow Tie Pumps

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by simply looking at two things in their life. One, the kind of sticky notes they use. Two, the kind of shoes they wear. Yep, you heard me right, I believe you can tell a lot about a person by their selection of office supplies and how they dress their feet. You see, at work I have only the plain yellow sticky notes, but if I had my choice, I would always have something different, daisies one day, pastel pinks and purples the next and on the days that I am not really “feeling it” I would have brown sticky notes. But, if my Abba picked out the sticky notes for the day, I assure you, we would never receive just the plain yellow ones they have in stock. I firmly believe if we were to get little sticky notes from our Abba, He would hand pick special sticky notes for each of His children. He would carefully select His stationary. He would not pick the same sticky note for me and my hubby, nor would He choose to place His love notes in the same location for us both.  

Just picture it for a moment, the Heavenly Father, the One who created the Heaven’s and the Earth, picking out sticky notes for His beloved. Now, if the saying “everything you love will be in Heaven” is correct, for me, there will be a very large Office Supply room, along with a very large room full of all kinds of shoes, cutes ones, sassy ones, sexy ones, practical ones, all comfortable of course and all would fit perfectly.  My Abba would open the door to the Heaven’s Office Depot, walk down isle 5, which is where all the sticky notes would be, and think “which one would speak to my beloved today”.   

Today, He would have picked out a brightly colored daisy, and written something like “I have great plans for you.” But the note would not stop there; He would give a little hint as to what those great plans are. I know, you know what I am talking about. You too have wanted just a little peek into what He has in store for you, am I right?  

Because I am not like anyone else, the sticky note He would pick out for me would not be the same as the one He would pick for my hubby, nor would hubs sticky note be the same as the one He picked out for my son. He would hand pick His stationary with careful thought. He would place it in a place that would jump out at me. You know, for the hubs, his might be on the underside of the toilet lid, first thing in the morning, he enters the bathroom to do his thing and BANG, there it is, clear as day… or it might be taped to the remote control, what man would miss that note.  

But for me, the love note left for me this morning would have been taped to the toothbrush. Because I am sure, it would have also included a little something about holding me tongue while He molds me into the woman He sees fit for His big plans…  But just imagine, when self doubt creeps in and we women start to wonder if we are beautiful, we open the make up for the morning and taped to the mascara is our love note. A few simple words “You are created in my image”, “You are wonderfully and fearfully made”, “You are my beloved”. Would that not change your day?  

Well today, His note changed my day. His word rested on my weary heart and provided such relief, the kind of relief a warm hug gives the lonely, or a delicious meal gives the hungry. Relief that will last for hours to come, it will sustain me.  If you walk around my house you will see verses taped all over the place. Some are taped to the mirrors, some above the kitchen sink, others on the refrigerator door, the pantry door, the door to the garage, They are all over. Some are neatly typed and laminated (my OCD in full swing here), some are handwritten and others are scribbled. But the point is, they are there, His word surrounds our house. Relief, peace, love and shelter consume the place we call home.  

Just as a simple note from my Abba provides relief during stressful times, self confidence during times of inner ugliness, assurance during unknown times and comfort during intense anxiety. For me, shoes also seem to be a visual path of connection to my Abba. You see, no matter where you are, you will need your shoes. My shoes are different than yours, my choice of shoes often depend on my choice of clothes or my mood rather than their level of comfort or what the weather man says the day will be like. I have been known to wear peep toe shoes in the snow and knee high boots in the summer. It just depends on what my path for the day looks like. You see, on Monday’s I will most always wear the cutest pair of shoes I can seem to find in the morning. Something to get me going and excited for the day. Today they are black pumps with a little bow on the top. I just need a little bit of beauty this morning. I needed something to remind me that no matter where I walk, my Abba has created a beautiful plan for me. One that is filled with the unknown, yet peaceful. One that might bring moments of discomfort, mostly because the shoes for today are cute, not comfortable. But that is also true with life, with my walk with my Abba has some days that are good days, those come with cute moments yet also with moments of discomfort… And then the days that are just “tennis shoe days”. You know the type. The days that seem to need pure comfort, no style is required, no make is applied, no attention given to the hair, just comfort. Plain comfort is all that will get us through the day. Those are the days that I get home from work, take my work clothes off, not even hanging them back up to prevent re-washing and ironing and crawl into my most comfortable, ugly and holy comfort clothes. My favorites, and at that moment, a breath of fresh air consumes me and I am at peace.  

For now… I will walk with Him in my pretty black pumps adorned with tiny bows and remember that the plain yellow sticky notes I have at work do not truly reflect who I am nor do they reflect the plans my Abba has in store for me. I will walk in His comfort and peace even amidst my uncomfortable and stressful moments. I will be reminded of my unique and beautiful path, my Abba has set in motion, during the day, simply by looking at plain yellow sticky notes and pretty black pumps adorned with tiny bows. Have a great day my friends.


Abba – I love you. I praise you, All the glory be Yours. Enough said. Amen.


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  1. I can see the book, I can! I love the sticky note reminder on the toothbrush!

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