I became “that” Mama…

Well, on Saturday, I became “One of those moms”… You know the type… Isaac and I were playing at the little park by our house, it was nice outside. We were both looking a little bed headish. I had 3 day old hair, he had on a onesie and some ratty shorts. We were having a good time; he was playing with rocks, dirt and grass. He kept the dog completely entertained and we were enjoying the weather.

There was another little boy at the same park. He however, was dressed in a collared shirt, a light green sweater vest and kaki shorts. Oh, did I mention he had shoes and socks on, yeah, my kid had neither… The nicely dressed boy was playing with his toy trucks on the clean blue steel bench. His mama came over and our conversation went like this…

Her “Are you with him?” Pointing to my precious one

Me “Yes, he is my son.”

Her “You know he has been playing with rocks right?”

Me “Yep”

Her “Are you worried he might get hurt?”

Me “Nope”

Her “You know he has put some in his mouth…”

Me “I know, but they are not small enough for him to choke.”

Then the saddest thing happened. My precious one came over with a hand full of rocks and a mouth full of grass, he stood in front of the nicely dressed boy and reached out his hand, inviting him to take a rock and come play. The nicely dressed boy, just turned around and walked away from him. His mama proceeded to offer him the sticky hand gel that disinfects as you rub it all over… and then, they shortly left.

My precious one, paid no mind to the dismissal and went back to playing with the dog, his pile of rocks and eating grass. In the mean time, I am sure I am now known as “that mom” who let her kid eat grass, put rocks in his mouth and could not properly dress him for an outing to the neighboring park. Yep, I proudly became “one of those mamas”…

PS: Needless to say, my son is alright. He was not harmed by the rocks or dirt that he played with or the grass that he ate, his cheeks got some sun, I did find grass in his dirty diapers that afternoon, but I figured the extra fiber was good for him, but other than that, he is perfectly fine.


6 Responses

  1. Mary, I loved this! Thanks for the morning giggle.

  2. Good on you. I’ll take the rocks-barefoot-grass childhood over the sterilized-sweater-steel childhood every time.

  3. Reminds me of some moments from your childhood … I love you! And that sweet little “urchin” of yours!

  4. I am one of those moms too. I have come to discover though that the dirtier my kids are, the more they laugh and the more friendly they are. I wouldn’t wash that off for anything.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  5. What a GREAT post! You are so courageous! Really. I was constantly, at your age and stage, trying to live up to sterile-mom’s standards. Failed miserably on that, but the kids turned out! Grass was very healthy for them, it seems.

  6. Mary, I am so….. proud of you. Isaac will have a great childhood with a mom like you. God gave him a mom that loves him enough to let him explore this great big wonderful world He made. So what if he gets dirty, thats what baths are for and those are fun too. Love you lots and get feely better so the two of you can have many more days like this one. From a very proud to be
    “One of those Mom’s”. Aunt Julie

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