Prayer is all they need

So, if you are in any way connected to the Entertainment World, you might have heard about a couple by the name of Chris and Rihanna… Maybe? Anyone heard of these two?

Apparently, they have hit a hard place in their relationship… everyone feels the need to way in on the situation. I for one am disgused by the media coverage. Oprah totally spoke out of turn when she publically questions Rihanna’s decision to “take back her man”… If you cannot tell, Oprah really bugs me…

Is there really anyone out there that knows the entire truth about the relationship of these two young people? Don’t you think the media has been a little judgemental of both people… Is anyone else out there to support my “LEAVE THEM ALONE” campaign…

Seriously – neither of these people need Oprah to broadcast her opinion or Dr. Phill to way in on the situation. These people need to be covered in prayer. BOTH OF THEM. They need support, SILENT support. It is not our business what is happening in their lives, most of all, our God is bigger than the media, the bank accounts they have, the houses the live in, the songs they record and the so called “friends” that have sold them to the public.  It breaks my heart that people can actually behave the way they do to some one they love.

Would it really hurt anyone to stand back, keep their mouth shut and just pray for people they know or don’t know… These are real people with real lives and real families. Most of all they have real hearts, and words hurt. It is truly disappointing that world can be so harsh… Man, what would we do without Jesus?

Jesus, come and cover these two with your protection. Bring them peace, wise coucil and love. Shower them with forgiveness and grace. Most of all love on them and protect them. Protect them physically and protect their hearts. They have to be hurting, wipe their tears and give them strength. Oh Jesus come!


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