Nothing else left to try…

Well… tonight was a little crazy in our house. Daddy was not feeling well, Mama was having a few health issues of her own and poor little Isaac was just cranky. Nothing worked, food was not what he wanted, a story was something he was not interested in, toys could not keep him happy and finally, when mama asked him what he needed… he went straight over to the stairs, pointed up and started to climb. Once he successfully completed the stairs, he walked over to his crib, and again, he pointed up.

So, Mama changed his diaper, put him in his PJs, gave him some crib approved toys and let him be. Well… that did the trick, it has been a little over 1.5 hours now, and he is still playing all by himself, not a peep out of him. It appears that someone just needed some alone time…

Funny how we don’t always have to be on the run? Even a toddler needs down time… Time to just be, without the TV, radio or detailed form of entertainment. A simple book, a few stuff animals and two blankets make fabulous alone time toys. A while ago I learned to be comfortable alone, and yet, not loney… tonight, I think my precious first born has learned a lesson that took me 25 years… Praises Be.

Goal… enjoy the peace and quite ALONE once in a while…


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  1. yes…sometimes even we adults don’t know that is what we are actually needing…I can’t even tell you how many false comforts I have reached for when quiet and rest would have done it all!…

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