How awesome is He…

How amazing is He? Have you ever just sat down to think about all He has done?

Just the other day I saw Him, I felt His breath, I was consumed by His peace… that is something I could never give up… As I sit on the couch, the house is all most all clean, both of my men are sleeping, and I could not be happier. Our home is not large, but filled with Scripture, laughter and love. Our bank accounts are such that we pay interest rather than we earn interest. Yet, we eat well, have thousands of pictures full of fun memories and there is not a single thing we are without. Our closests have clothes in them, our cars have gas, we actually have 2 cars. My son has toys that he thinks are the coolest, even if most of them consist of paper towl tubes, dollar store finds and random things most would consider “trash”… yet, all he knows is that he is loved, cared for, feed, clothed and happy. His outlook on his life has no holes. All of his needs are filled…

What happens between 16 months of age and 16? We learn what we “have to have”, simply because we learn what we “don’t have”… but if we always have Him, is He enough? Is what He gives enough? Really enough? If He can build mountains, move the stars and change the weather, He can provide enough for me? And is what He provides going to be enough?

What if He only provided His fresh breath, His peace, the sight of His face, would that be enough?

Jesus – let it be enough! I want you to be enough, I want only you. Even if that means I never move, I never drive another car or buy another purse. I really just want you! I love you! Amen


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  1. What a beautiful post! I love your heart. You are full of so much wisdom at such a young age. God is hearing your prayers and I know He is blessed by your constant proclamations of HIS faithfulness

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