You will never believe it…

So, a few posts back, I went on and on about the upcoming 10 year high school reunion. Well, just this week, praise the LORD, we have an answer to the ever pending, will I go, dilema… So, first and foremost, I had been praying about attending this ever pleasent milestone in one’s life. But, you see, something else has come up… something else far more exciting, far more rewarding, something I have been praying for over the past 3 years.

Almost 3 years ago, hubby got sick. In just one day, our lives changed, our new normal began. Little things were difficult, leaving the house to walk across the street to get the mail was a struggle. Dinners at his parents house was out, not to mention dinners out at a resturant. Seeing movies was something of anxiety not peace. Sleeping at night was anything but restful and we have come out of it all, stronger and with the blessing of a precious little boy.

So… as of today, we have eaten out at resturants, we have gone out to a movie or TWO, we have spent hours at night sleeping, the deep peaceful kind of sleep. And in June, on the same weekend of my high school reunion, we will face another BIG step in the healing process… Are you ready to find out what is so BIG?

We will, well, Andrew and I will get on a plane. Tears are streaming as I type. I am so excited my fingers cannot move fast enough. You see, when someone you know has been frozen with fear and anxiety, getting on a plane is HUGE! So, Praise the LORD, my husband wants to get on a plane. We will take a vacation, outside of our house!!!! Let alone the state of Colorado. Yep, this is HUGE, did I already say that?

We are not out of the woods yet, we still have to get on the plane, sit long enough to have the plane take off and land, and we have to enjoy our destination, not to mention get back on the plane to get home. Speaking of the destination… we will be enjoying a weekend in the sunny city of VEGAS!!!!! Vegas has large crowds of people, another BIG and WAY EXCITING STEP!

Prayers are needed, my heart is so excited, I am not sure what will happen if we don’t get on the plane… THIS IS HUGE! I trust His faithfulness, I will believe in Him and His goodness. I will not doubt, this will happen!

Jesus, I praise you! I honor you! I am humbled beyound measure by the healing touch you have placed upon my husband. I have seen your healing, felt your peace, sat at your feet weeping until there was nothing left inside. And you, have remainded constant the entire time. You are my strength, you are my passion and you are my everything. I praise you! I love you! Father, you are good. Let everything that has breath praise you, oh Lord! Amen


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  1. I so GET this…e-mail me the dates so I can pray it up big time! Rejoicing with you!

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