A faith like that…

I honestly don’t know how they do it. You know, those mama’s who have lost their child. I have followed a blog for a while now, and they remind me so much of Andrew and I. Married young, enjoyed married life and then had a precious baby girl. Well, Sweet Baby Girl had been suffering from an ear infection for a few weeks so her mama took her back to the doctor and they ran a few more in depth tests. The tests came back, their lives changed. Sweet Baby Girl had cancer. She went to meet Jesus just three weeks later. And her mama’s response will blow your mind… “I am humbled and so honored that the Lord chose to use us in this way.” SERIOUSLY!!!! That was her response as I read her blog. She lost her baby, she posted about the last few days with Sweet Baby Girl, and she concluded her post with those precious words, “I am humbled and so honored that the Lord chose to use us in this way.” What a powerful testimony of faith. Her love for Jesus leaves me breathless, her unwavering devotion inspires me and her ability to trust blows my mind. Sweet Baby Girls story leave me with this question, would I react the same way? Many of you know that Andrew was ill for a few years, he still has his rough days, but, there are more good days now. There were some really rough days, and I am proud to say, I never once questioned Him. But now that Isaac has come, would my reaction be the same? The frustration, pain, long and tear stained nights and then there were the days spent with 3 day old hair, all of which were really long when Andrew was sick. My heart ached in a way I never knew it could. I held on so tightly to Jesus I could swear I made His hands numb from my grip. I would go to church late, sit the back row and leave early, just because I wanted to be with Him, worship Him and only Him. I could not answer questions, I did not have any answers, but yet, He never failed me. He showed up and did it in a big way. But after all of that, would I really have the same reaction in the midst of such a tender, painfully raw, heart breaking time if I lost my sweet baby boy? Man, I sure do hope so.  

Jesus, bless Sweet Baby Girls parents, bless them beyond measure. They have been faithful and have never wavered. Bless them. I cannot say it enough, bless them please! I beg you! Jesus, my heart and life belong to you. We both know that, but give me the strength to always hold onto you so tightly your hands become numb, even on the good days. I love you. Again, bless them Jesus. Amen.


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  1. That is amazing faith. A time of being carried, I’m sure. Amen, I agree with your prayer.

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