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June… not sure if I want to go…

Well, the date as been set and it is only 6 months away… No, I am not pregnant again, but my 10 year high school reunion is happening in June… And to be honest, I am not sure if I am going to go. Part of me really wants to go, and then there is the other part of me, the one that is so different compared to high school, that does not really want to go.

Have you ever had to stare at your mistakes, sins and hurt square in the face?

Well, that would pretty much some up high school for me. I think I could do it in one sentence…

It began with sports, then there came boys, parties, beer, more boys and then graduation, only by the grace of God did graduation come.

I know, it does not sound very fun… but at the time… it was… looking back, not one of my most proud moments.

Then why go? For the very reason I don’t want to… because I am different, very different. Passionate about Jesus for one, a wife, a mama and just all around different. Do you think Jesus is big enough to be my date? I am not sure the hubs is up for a night down memory lane with a large group of people he does not know and there are a few I would cause me to blush if I had to introduce hubs to them… but… my mind is far from made up on this one… so I will pray about it and see what comes.


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  1. I will be your date if you decide to go. We didn’t even have a reunion. Not that I want to go down memory lane either. Just know the offer is out there.

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