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Weekend in Review

Two words come to mind when I think about this weekend… Peaceful & Restful… it was wonderful. Isaac stayed with Grandpa Marty and Grandma Cheryl from Wednesday night to Saturday morning… what does that mean – MAMA GOT TO SLEEP!!!! Mama loves her sleep – mama can sleep for hours – early to bed on Friday night and wake up later than normal… let’s just say, I woke up after Isaac normally goes down for his 1st nap – so I got well over 12 hours of sleep – It was fabulous… So, after a long night’s rest, it was up to Fort Collins… Lunch with my sisters, pick up the wee one and witness the cutest thing ever. He cried when I showed up and ran straight for Grandpa. We got him in the car, he continued to cry and reach for Grandpa and as we drove off, until we got to the high way, his hand was pressed on the window, tears streaming down his face yelling “No Gampa No Gamma”, he tried so hard to get out of his seat, poor fella had so much fun he did not want to go home… he fell asleep shortly after reaching the highway… He and Gamma made mama the sweetest little valentine EVER!!!! Yep – I sure did take it with me to work this morning… nothing makes Monday’s harder than a great weekend. So, once we got home we got ready for a birthday party. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Isaac’s friends – which are mostly girls… and some animals – yep – there was a small petting zoo at the party and Isaac loved every minute of it – he loved being out side, playing with the animals and the items they left behind if you catch my drift!!! Saturday night was a nice quiet night at home, nothing fancy, we watch a little Handy Manny, ate some yummy food and took a bath in the kitchen sink – then off to bed – Sunday was a lazy morning – Isaac and mama cuddled and just hung out – I went grocery shopping, Andrew and Isaac went to Nana and Papa’s to play Guitar Hero before the big game and then it was game time… Man, the weekends make it hard to come back on Monday. What I would not give to be home, folding laundry, with Handy Manny in the back ground and my little helper pulling things out of the dryer – I seem to miss him more on Monday!

Jesus, watch over my baby, bless him with a good day, lots of friends to play with and give his mama peace that passes all human understanding. Amen – and Again I say Amen…


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