She did good…

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone who is not around? Well, today, I want to say something to a woman who did such a good job raising her family.

You see, this woman had 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son. She raised them to be a close knit group. They all married, had children of their own, and this family became a big one. This family is my family. And if anyone knows my family, we are the type of people who say it how it is, love each other deeply, laugh until our sides hurt, have years rooted with precious memories and above all, we all love Jesus. So that is my family in a nut shell. But see, this woman, my Grandma Cherie, she was the power house of it all. My cousins and I grew up together, we all went through school together, winters were spent skiing together in Keystone and summers were spent boating together and swimming together. Now, we are all grown, and as I look around, she really did a good job.Her kids are a close knit group. They all had kids, who happen to be a tight knit group and now all of us grandchildren, some of which she did not have the privilege to meet in person are growing up, are still enjoying each other. Some of us married, few of us have kids of our own but we are all still a very tight group. And today, the next generation of cousins are spending the day together. My son and his cousin are hanging out with their grandma. Oh if my grandma could see the legacy she left behind, she sure would be proud.

I love you, I miss you but I am so thankful for the tight knit group you built. I am deeply saddened at times because you are not able to sit at the table with us as we laugh and remember those times in the Mountain house and at the country club. But, in the midst of it all, there you are, your legacy still stands strong and man, we love you! Grandma, you did good…


3 Responses

  1. It’s funny because the reason I went to your blog today was because, for some reason I have been missing Keystone and you guys! 🙂 I loved the entry made me cry a little! I love you babe and miss getting to spend time with you! Wish I had a time capsal to go to us curled up on the leather couch next to the Christmas Tree “trying’ to stay out of trouble but, just being “us”

  2. Jerk… You made me cry at school!!! I love you!!! I was precious to hear about Mercedes day with Isaac yesterday. There will be many more to come. I love you!!! See you tomorrow!!

  3. This is the fruit of a life of love lived on purpose. Your heritage is rich.

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