The reason this journey matters…

So, the previous posts with regards to the very passionate topic of abortion have brought up interesting conversation and lots of research, pray and thinking on my part. So, here is where I stand today:


  • I do believe abortions are deemed necessary as safe, clean and highly regulated medical procedures. What qualifies as a necessary procedure is a very gray area for me… currently; I would see the following situations as necessary…
    • Situations in which the woman would fit into the “Danger of life or limb” category as defined by the standard of medical practices regulated by the state/national health care regulations.
    • Situations in which the woman is under the age of 18, consents to the procedure, has permission from a parent/guardian and agrees to significant after care mental health counseling.
    • Situations in which the woman has been a victim of rape, insist or other violent crimes.
  • I will advocate for safe, clean, heavily regulated abortions to be done by physicians who have received the appropriate, safe, clean and heavily regulated training to conduct these medical procedures in a way that leave the patient with the option to have children in the future if she chooses to do. 
  • I do not believe making abortion illegal is the answer, nor do I believe adoption is the answer.
  • I do believe the system of adoption is broken and needs as much attention as the issue of abortion.
  • I do not believe it is better to “kill children” than to adopt. I do however; believe abortion and adoption are both choices to be made by a woman.
  • I do believe a child is a child at the moment of conception, as supported by several Biblical references noted below.
    • Gen.1-3
    • James 2
    • Job 31:15
    • Psalms 22:9-10
    • Psalms 139:13-16
  • I do not believe it is my place to judge those who choose abortion nor is it my place to make the procedure illegal.
  • I do not believe killing a child, let’s say at the age of 12, is the same thing as having a medically necessary abortion.
  • I do not believe the death penalty and having a medically necessary abortion are the same thing.
  • I do believe Jesus loves all He created, even those of us who support the death penalty, abortion as a medically necessary procedure and dare I say it, right to marry whom ever one desires.
  • I do not believe divorce, abortion and homosexuality are unforgiveable sins. I do believe they, just like false teaching, slander, judgment, lying, stealing, adultery are sins, all of which are forgiven and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Above all, I believe Jesus Christ cares about us, the issues that we are passionate about, and the lives we live. He cares about the lives we impact with our love, forgiveness and grace. I believe Jesus Christ is proud of me for the research I am doing, so that I might be able to one day point my children in the direction of Godly council when these hard but very real issues come up in the future.

I will not pretend the issues don’t exist and there fore I do not need to have an opinion. I will do as I am called to do as a mother but more so as a child of the King, I will passionately research all that He says, being careful not to be influenced by false teachings. I will do the best I can, as I am not perfect, this is a journey, so thanks for being a part of it. Thanks for challenging me, supporting me and most of all encouraging me to find out what HE says, because that is the most important. 

More on these topics to come I am sure, but I leave you with this… The very reason this journey is so important…




4 Responses

  1. I’ve done my best to stay out of this discussion to this point. This is an issue about which I am so passionate that my passion often overtakes my civility, much to my own shame.

    I’m commenting, but not yet getting into a point-by-point dissection of the argument because I am becoming more convinced as time goes on that logic and reason are no match for what someone “believes in their heart.” Only one person can change hearts, and I am acutely aware that He sometimes allows hearts to be hardened.

    This past year has been one in which I’ve had to accept the reality that even people who passionately love Jesus and know the scriptures can be so terribly wrong about some things while being so right about others. And I have had to concede that I am no God-sent authority or messenger on this issue. Even though this particular issue seems so absurdly black and white to me in a world full of gray areas, the truth is that somehow God allows very sincere, intelligent children of His family to reach the conclusion that surgical murder is sometimes acceptable. It is perhaps one of the greatest human abilities, for good or ill, to rationalize absolutely anything in one’s own mind.

    I’ve grown weary of this battle. It’s so much bigger than me, and perhaps reflective of the shallowness of my faith that I can’t find the Strength to keep fighting it. These days, I just find myself praying that God will change hearts as best suits His great purpose, whether that’s someone else’s heart or my own.

  2. Proposition 1: A child is a child from the moment of conception.
    Proposition 2: It should never be legal to kill a child — let’s say at the age of 12.
    Proposition 3: It should remain legal to kill a pre-born child.

    This is your thinking according to your post.
    Do you not see any logical fallacies?
    Either proposition 1 or proposition 2 must be false for you to claim that proposition 3 is correct.

    Most modern pro-choice advocates would insist that proposition 1 is false. Yet as you say you have been convinced by the scriptures you listed that proposition 1 is true. How therefore can you conclude proposition 3?

  3. You keep using the term “medically necessarry” in reference to abortions for someone under the age of 18 and for abortions in the cases of rape or incest. What makes these abortions “necessary”? Maybe you define necessity differently than I do? Would you mind defining what you mean by necessary?

    Thank you,

  4. Mary,

    What is the purpose of government? Why do we have laws?

    You often exhibit a certain confusion about the issue that many do. The issue is not what is sinful and what is not. It has much more to do with what are the just issues that government should regulate.

    For instance, I agree with you wholeheartedly that lying is a sin, but the government does not usually punish this “sin”, but only in cases of perjury under oath before a court or governental hearing. It is a crime to do so in that arena because of the need to protect the legal process.

    We have laws agains murder to protect the weak and innocent and to provide a civil and just society. Your position is that a pre-born child is a child from conception. Yet, you would not afford that person even the right to live and be protected in the most basic sense? Yet, inconsistently, you believe that a life of a child outset the mother’s womb should be given legal protection? What is the ontological difference between a pre-born child and one that outside of the womb? Why should one child receive the right to life, while the other does not?

    Thank you.

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