The perfect Sunday…

It was a nice weekend, a restful one. But something struck me as interesting over the weekend. I personally think the purpose of life and relationship with Jesus Christ is to learn, discover what His word truly says, not just take the words of others as truth.

So I personally am on this adventure to discover what the Lord truly says about very passionate issues. One being abortion, as you might tell by the latest posts, another being gay marriage and then there is  how to raise Godly, respectful, independent and passionate children. So, if I might have offended anyone with my latest blog, I did not mean to, rather, I have set out to discover what Jesus says… after all… we were created with a mind for a reason… And I want to raise my children to discover what He says, I what to be able to give them Biblical References as to why I believe what I believe, and if I don’t ever imbark on this journey, then I will not have the answers or be able to guide them to solid Biblical references, when their questions arrive…

So back to the perfect Sunday. We spent the day playing with the little one, taking naps, playing video games, watching TV, reading, eating snack foods and just being together. It was a wonderful family day, the perfect motivation for this rather passionate and cumbersome journey. And now, back to Monday –


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