The journey continues….

So far… my research has shown… pro-choice does not necessarily mean pro-abortion at all costs and in all circumstances …

According to Wikipedia: Pro-choice describes the political and ethical view that a woman should have complete control over her fertility and the choice to continue or terminate a pregnancy. This entails the guarantee of reproductive rights, which includes access to sexual education; access to safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments; and legal protection from forced abortion. Individuals and organizations who support these positions make up the pro-choice movement.

Some people who are pro-choice see abortion as a last resort and focus on a number of situations where they feel abortion is a necessary option. Among these situations are those where the woman was raped, her health or life (or that of the fetus) is at risk, contraception was used but failed, or she feels unable to raise a child. Some pro-choice moderates, who would otherwise be willing to accept certain restrictions on abortion, feel that political pragmatism compels them to oppose any such restrictions, as they could be used to form a slippery slope against all abortions.

On the issue of abortion, pro-choice campaigners are opposed by pro-life campaigners who generally argue in terms of fetal rights rather than reproductive rights.

Now the same question remains: where does Jesus fit into all of this? I have yet to scripture that specifically calls believers to be against the right to choose, as defined above.


One Response

  1. “The right to choose”?

    Shouldn’t you finish the phrase?

    The right to choose to kill my child while it is still in my uterus.

    That is the problem.

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