Not sure what is was, but I held it…

I had one of those days this week, a fabulous one that is. No seriously – it was the best day in a long time. You see, it did not start off that way, it was just an ordinary day, until around 4pm that is. At 4pm I got a call from my boss asking to me join her in the OR. So, I left my desk, paper and pen in hand and arrived in the OR. She looked at me and said firmly “put that down and come here”. I was given little blue booties, gloves, a nice hair net and some kind of covering. Once fully dressed, I walked further into the OR and someone looked at me and said “Hold this”… I am not sure what I was holding, nor was I sure where it was, but I knew it was important.

You see, we had an emergency yesterday that required a patient to be transferred to another facility using flight for life and in the midst of everything, I got to hold something, again, not sure what it was, but I knew it was important. How did I know how important it was? Well, you see only important things are under the blue coverings… yes I did get to peek and I did see what was under the blue sheet, by the way, it was totally awesome. So, needless to say, I held something important, not sure what it was or what it did, but I got to hold it. Not only that, but I got to see how everything transpires during these emergencies, the flight for life preparations, the inner department transfer (we had to go from the OR to the ER) and I got to watch all of these people really do an amazing job. A life was saved yesterday, a loved one is going to be okay and I got to watch, oh and hold something very important, I am sure.

Just when I was beginning to doubt why I am working, I was given the gift of witnessing something life changing. The Lord is good my friends. He answered my tiny prayer in a big way. Yesterday was a day worth leaving my son for, but when we are called to do something for Him, shouldn’t all our days be worth leaving our loved ones each morning? Is serving Him so important that mama is to leave her baby everyday? I don’t say this often, but I am sure that what I do matters and most of all it matters to Him. He is good, I am sure of that.


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