Mondays are rough…

Long weekends make Mondays hard. I did not go into work on Friday, mostly because Isaac was sick. He had a febrile seizure in the morning, which is not as horrible as it sounds. Scary yes, but horrible, no. It is basically just a fever-induced seizure, his fever got really high very quickly and his body reacted in a way that brought his temperature down… So we spent the day visiting with the doctor, cuddling on the couch, napping together, playing in the bath tub and just having a little mama and me time. Saturday daddy had to work, so Mama got more cuddle time with Isaac and Sunday we took a walk, had a lazy day around the house, did more fever control stuff and just hung out some more… All of which makes returning to work on Monday really hard. I miss my little man, if I were home with him, right now, he would be up from his morning nap and we would be watching Handy Man Manny together while spooning on the couch. We would enjoy a lovely morning snack consisting of only the finest Wal-Mart brand snack foods, you know pretzels, yogurt, and string cheese. Then we would enjoy some place time in the play room, we have enjoyed playing catch with Nhyja lately. Isaac throws the ball; Nhyja goes after yet, stands right next to it and looks at him as if he had a treat for her. He screams, also known as demanding for her to give the ball back. Eventually he will walk over, get it, give her a hard tap (we are working on being gentle) and laugh as he walks away, ball in hand. Following play time, we would enjoy some PB and J sandwiches, pretzels, cheese and juice for lunch, enjoy a walk and an afternoon nap. We would then wake up from our nap and get ready for daddy to come home and get dinner together. Oh the day dreams a working mama enjoys!

Lord, bless my buddy while we are away from eachother today. Bless me with the ability to focus and serve those I work for today. Bless me with patience and understanding as my heart longs to be at home. Thank you for the view outside my window. The sun is shining and the fields are peaceful. The mountains are radiant and your creation is stunning today. I love you. Give me eyes to see like you see. Amen.


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  1. Mary, I felt like I had to read about who loves my school Mandy and my school baby, Mercedes so much….you two are such blessed sisters. Strong family, strong faith, much love. (School Auntie Terri)

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