A few things for the New Year…

So, the conversations around the office pretty much center around those so called New Year’s resolutions. Or in my opinion, those “promises” to ones self no one ever keeps. But this year, I was asked about what my “resolutions” are… it won’t suprise you to know they are drastically different than those of my co-workers. But here they are…

1. Focus on what matters most… Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior

2. Develope a deeper relationship with Him thru our daily time together. You know, I wrote about my morning routine and my very valuable pillow… but this year, I want to meet with Him in the mornings, before Isaac gets up, in my comfy chair in the office. I want to spend time with Him.

3. Love, richly love. Love on my husband, my baby, friends and family. Deeply love, love even when it hurts. Love without limits, without reservations, without judgement and without expectations. Just love.

4. I learned a lot in 2008, I never want to forget what I learned, I want to keep learning, keep understanding where I’ve been and look forward to where I am going, look forward with excitement.

5. Stop biting my nails… okay that is a funny one… because I have said that every new year for the last 10 years…

6. Seriously – Pray, pray with expectation. Pray without ceasing. Pray with understanding. Pray with wisdom. Pray with passion and pray His word.

7. Read – read the word, read over and over, research the word, read about those within the word and read over and over.

8. Serve and do it with a cheerful heart. I know I am working where I am doing His good. I am doing what He has called me to do, even when I don’t want to do it. But yet, I want to strive to serve willingly and cheerfully. When I drop off Isaac in the morning, we kiss goodbye and he waves as I drive away, I want to do what He asks me to do, regardless of how it feels.

9. Forgive – Forgive passionately – Forgive willingly and Forgive unconditionally. As I said above, I have learned a lot in 2008 and part of what I learn is the power of forgiveness. Forgiving others and myself. Myself is the hardest part. But I want to forgive me passionately, willingly and unconditionally, I fall short every day, and I am often harder on myself than anyone… I want to see myself as He sees me…

10. Take more pictures, laugh often and do it all with passion…

That is my top 10 wish list. resolution list, goals or whatever you want to call it for 2009. Regardless it boils down to one thing… Jesus… and only Jesus… Enjoy the day and the New Year! Make memories and laugh often. Good night.


One Response

  1. I love you goals – all of them (even the biting the nails one cause i do that too lol). Great list and one that I hope to strive for this year too!

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