Favorite part of the day…

My favorite part of the day has begun; I love the hour between 4 – 5pm. You see, the day is coming to an end. The office has gotten quiet and it is almost time to pick up Isaac and head home for some family time. The nights are mostly very relaxed around our house; we change into the comfy clothes, eat dinner, watch some TV, if the mood is right, I will beat my husband at Phase 10 or any other game, and then off to bed. Sometimes I add in a little laundry here and there, but a friend of mine gave me a great suggestion, set a time, and after that time has passed, no “work” is done. So at our house, that time is usually 6:30pm. Dinner is normally done by then, the dishes are done, sometimes I can fold a load of laundry before time is up and it is play time. That way, we, both Andrew and I get to play and focus on Isaac before he heads to bed.


Not only has my favorite part of the day begun, my favorite part of the week has begun as well. You see, the weekends at our house are just as relaxed as the week nights. We are not much for the running around everywhere… but, we do enjoy an outing every so often… So, usually Friday night is play night- there are no chores on Friday night. But come Saturday… it is a quick workday and then back to relaxing or shopping, which ever we are in the mood for… Normally, on Saturday’s during Isaac’s morning nap, I can clean the entire house. Yep, in 1 ½ hours, I can get all the bathrooms and rooms cleaned, well with the exception of the vacuuming, Andrew does that job for me at some point during the day. Then we have lunch, possibly run around just a bit, then we all enjoy an afternoon nap and finally I normally do a little laundry on Saturday night. I know, I really know how to have a good time. Trust me.


But Sunday, is church, family time, bath night for Isaac and the finishing touches on the laundry. I get just enough done to make it through the week with no stress. Sometimes, I skip it all together and do one massive cleaning once a month… but needless to say. My favorite part of the day and week has come. Enjoy the night and the weekend to come!


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  1. You are amazingly focused and well-organized. I love that you have made your decisions on what is important and are creating “home” for your fellas!

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