Hey Buddy – Stay Warm…

Hey buddy – Man, I miss you today. The snow has covered the fields that surround the hospital. It is white all around, we could be playing in the snow today together, but really, neither of us likes to be cold…. But one day – we will do just that, we will build a snow man and make snow angels. We will come in side for some Hot Coco and watch a Christmas Movie… but today, Mama has to work and you get to play with Nana. Even though, mama has to work, we do make the best of the time we have together –right? Like last night – we played on the stairs for an hour. We went up and down time after time. You laughed so hard you could not move. You just sat on a single stair laughing and laughing…. I could listen to you laugh all day. So today, as I look out my windows at work, the fields covered in snow, I am so thankful for your laughter. I cannot wait to see you tonight when I get to pick you up from Nana’s. Tonight is spaghetti night, your favorite. We will spend the night together, read a book before bed, pray together and cuddle until you drift off to sleep.

I love you buddy – remember, it is more important to follow the Lord’s plan for our life than to follow our own…. I cannot wait to see you! Oh, did I mention I am going to smother you with kisses? Because I AM!!!!!!

Love, Your Mama


2 Responses

  1. So beautiful!

  2. These letters to him are precious. I want to start an audio journal for Hunter because I’m not so good at writing but very good at talking.

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