Even in the Smallest of Things… HE WINS!

As the work week starts to come to an end, I cannot help but do a little reflection. You see, I know I am doing what I am suppose to be doing, I am doing something that gives Glory to the Lord, and the surprising thing, this week was one of the most stressful and I personally have been on Satan’s list this week. You see, I wrote a blog earlier in the week, and since then, it is surprising to reflect on the little things he has tried to consume in my life. By he, I don’t mean Him, I mean him, Satan…

As soon as I wrote the blog entry, praised the Lord for the blessing of my job, and enjoyed a little bit of His creation out my windows, he (Satan) crawled in and the stress level got intense. Now, I recognized who was a work, took a few minutes to rebuke him and make sure he knew he was not welcome… but yet, he stuck around for the remainder of the week…

Just as I thought I had kicked him out the door, there he was, laughing at me… I was too tired to get up and spend time with my Father, so I gave in and slept in… Oh… but I caught on… Isaac and I praised Him while we got dressed and as we drove in the car. We sang songs, talked about His Word and enjoyed some precious mama and son time with the Father…. Oh but I get to work…. There he is … just waiting to annoy me… my poor co-worker must have thought I have lost my mind. I cleaned my desk while instructing him to leave me alone, back off, he was not welcome in my office, around the people I work with or around the people we care for during the day….

So, this leads me to today…. Last night was peaceful, I thought he finally got the message and had given up… but nope… he is persistent. I went to wake up Isaac and found him crying in his bed, I picked him up, fully dressed for work mind you, and not but a few seconds later, Isaac throws up all down my back, I put him back in his crib, he continues to throw up, we made it to the bathtub just in time for him to be done…. Oh no Satan, you did not get my morning. Isaac and I prayed as we cleaned up, changed our clothes and got on with the day. Needless to say, Isaac has enjoyed a nice day at day care and the Lord blessed me with good traffic and being able to clean up, get dressed again, drop off Isaac and get to work only 10 minutes late – HAHAHAHAHA the Lord WINS again!!!!!

Yep, this week, has been a stressful one, a fun one to look back on and know that my Father, King of all Kings, has won victory over even the smallest of things!

I praise you Father, You are good, You are all I need and You are ruler over the big and little things in my life…. Praises Be – Amen…..



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  1. The LORD rebuke, you, Satan, in Mary’s home, work, circumstances and life. The LORD rebuke you.

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