Happy Birthday Grandma Postma!

Today is Grandma Postma’s Birthday. There are several things I absolutely love about Grandma Postma… so here are a few…

There is not a moment in my marriage that she has not been devoted in prayer. She is a powerful prayer warrior and fully devoted to the Lord. One of my favorite stories about her is… she got pulled over for speeding and at some point in the conversation with the officer she said she would never speed again. She no longer does drive over the speed limit – her reason – because the Lord heard what she said to the officer – Yes – She is a powerful woman of the Lord –

She can work a sewing machine like no one I know. She made Andrew and I the most beautiful quilt for our bed as a wedding gift. It is something I treasure to this day. I treasure it everyday. Recently, I have decorated the house for Christmas and as I was enjoying doing it, I came across the stockings she made for our growing family last year. I love them, treasure them and cannot wait for them to be a part of our Holiday Traditions.

Grandma Postma is a woman I love and admire deeply. I am honored to be a part of her family. She has touched my life and made an everlasting impact on my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I love you Grandma!


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