Thankful for the Ladies

You know, every woman needs good girl friends to surround herself with – so – ladies, I am so thankful for you, your individual blessing upon my life and your friendship… (These are in no particular order)

Mercedes’ Mama – We have been doing life together for our entire lives. I love you. You are someone who has always supported me and loved me. For that, I am so thankful. We have walked thru highschool together, you know, more than anyone that I could not have made it without you. Your friendship is a huge blessing, not all sisters are so lucky…. Did I mention how much I love you?

The Auntie of Isaac and Mercedes – You are a woman of the Lord that I envy. Your care free spirit grounded in Biblical Truth is something I treasure about you. Your ability to see the Lord in all situations is what I love about you. We have had our hard times, but man, we have always had good times. I love you!

Isaac’s Auntie – You are strong. Your strength is something I admire. I have watched you over the past year and am so proud of you. I married your brother yes, but you are my sister and most of all my friend. We can talk about anything, and I love that. You are a wonderful Auntie to my son and you are so precious to me. I love you, I have your back, I support you in all you do and treasure our conversations. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

My Time Keeper – You are a woman who is like no other. Your love for serving people is something I envy. Your ability to love me unconditionally is something I will never forget. I love you my time keeper! Your willingness to love me regardless of my faults is something I am so Thankful for. We have had some hard conversations, but we are stronger because of it. You are someone I trust completely and love deeply.

Little Averi’s Mama – You are a gentle woman with a heart of passion. Your kind heart is something I treasure. Your truthful words spoken in love is something I admire. You are quick to pray and have always been someone I could count on. I love you, I envy your gentle spirit and have been extremely blessed by your friendship. I am so Thankful for you!

Dave’s Wife and Hunter’s Mama – You are a fierce woman, one who loves the Lord like there is no other. I find your faith inspiring and your marriage an encouragement. Your blog is something I enjoy and I enjoy your very presence. Thank you for just being you!

Jayden’s Mama – You are a woman who has a smile no one can forget. Your love for your child is something that is precious. You are beautiful and trustworthy. We are new friends, but it feels like we have known eachother for a while… we are both middle children so we can relate to eachother well. I enjoy your company. I enjoy you. You just being you has been such a huge blessing to me. I am so Thankful for you!

ED RN – You are a woman who has richly blessed my life. Our friendship is something I look forward to everyday. Just knowing you are here, makes coming to work something I can look forward to. Your support and countless advice is something I treasure. Thank you for our lunch dates, for your time and friendship.

Partner in Crime – there is no one I miss more than you. I have such fond memories of us growing up together – our winter’s playing at the Mountain House in Keystone, our shopping trips and long conversations. You are someone I treasure, our relationship is one that can withstand long distance, so, come home to CO soon, even just for a visit. I miss you!

My Texas Rose – My college roomie – my constant and faithful friend. Our friendship is strong, unbreakable. I miss you, but I think of you often. You changed my life. Your passion for the Lord consumed me, your love and friendship has made a life long impact on me life. I think of you often, pray for you daily and love and miss you like crazy!

The Life I saved – I can remember the day we swam across the lake in college – do you? I remember the day Nic proposed to you, we sat on the steps of your CCU apartment and you were so excited… I remember your wedding day, the applause that erupted when you and Nic kissed. Your friendship is something I adore and hold dear. Our emails are precious to me, your constant support and powerful prayers are something that I hold dear to me. Your example of a Godly mama is something I treasure, I am so Thankful for you.

I love these woman, I am so thankful for them and the impact they have made upon my life. I treasure each of you!

Lord, bless them richly – as they have richly blessed me. Amen


3 Responses

  1. Good night, girl-you are filthy rich with friends!

  2. Aww. Mary. I’m catching up on old blogs that I love to read….one of them being yours. Thank you for your kind words of me and to me. You are a woman I admire greatly and I want desperately to spend more time with you. You are blessed and are a blessing. xoxoxo,

  3. Mom showed me this! I love you too babe and we def need to cause some trouble soon! Love you your partner in Crime!

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