Thank you….

So, next week, well technically, one week from today, Andrew and I will be hosting our very first Thanksgiving – yep – we will even cook a Turkey – I say we – because he will cook and I will clean – We are good together – Anyways – It got me thinking and my heart is heavy so today, this post i dedicated to a man I just want to say Thank You too… My daddy! Yep – my daddy – Marty Olson –

Daddy – Let me start by saying I love you – I love everything about you – I love your laugh, your smile, your infectous personality and your heart. We are a like in many ways – first – we both HATE taking any kind of test – we get anxious and would rather do pretty much anything else – I mean we HATE it – is makes us stress out like nothing else. We also love to do stuff around the house, fix it projects, paint, you know, HGTV kind of stuff. But, my love for you is deeper than that.


You see, you have always been honest with me, even when it was hard. One of my most cherished memories is of us talking in the parking lot at CCU. That day we talked about heavy stuff, and yet, your loved for me never changed, regardless of whatever I would tell you, you just hugged me, kissed my forehead and said you loved me. That, is my picture of Jesus. You showed me Jesus that day. And that day changed my life.

Daddy, I married a man that reminds me of you. His love for me reminds me of your love, constant and unconditional. His strength reminds me of how strong you are. Remember that trip to the ER in college, and you came into the Trauma Room, kissed my forehead and said everything was going to be fine. You have always been so strong, physically and spiritually. Not only did you always open the jars for me while I was home, you filled my car up with gas, you carried me when I was hurt and you were proud of me when I accomplished things. That is the strength I am talking about.


You are the man that can fix or build anything, from a fabulous kennel for Nhyja, to a simple heating lamp. You can fix computers, you can paint anything perfectly and you have an eye better than any level. You are my hero. I love you, I am proud to have given your name to my son. I am proud to call you my daddy and more proud to call you my friend.


Lord, I praise you for your blessings. I am so thankful for the blessing of family. Rain down blessings upon my daddy. Bless him beyond measure and love him beyond his wildest dreams. Thank you for the blessing he has been in my life, for the constant and sometimes firm source of love and unconditional forgiveness within him. Thank you him. Protect him, keep him safe and bless him richly. Amen.


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful. How blessed you are…

  2. Every girl should be so blessed…why the heavy heart, sweet Mary? You doing ok?

  3. Look at you, you beautiful bride! Love you, what a great post. 🙂

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