Obama – the Next President –

Well, history has been made. Just the simple fact that an African American man was elected as the next President of the United States is something many people who have walked before me would have never dreamed would happen. Last night, it did. A man who I have deep respect for was elected the next President. Now, hear me clearly, I respect him. I did not say I agree with everything he says, but I simple have a deep and profound respect for him. Something I hope to teach my son: we may not agree with everything that happens around us, but we will respect the people that surround us. We will respect them. One thing I have learned from my Mother-in-Law, is that respect is something that is not negotiable. She has done a great job of teaching her children how to respect the people around them, regardless of who they are or what they have done. So today, not only am I proud to be an American who witnesses history, but I will firmly and with no question respect the man who will be in the next President of the United States. If I could actually shake his hand, I would probable say…

“Congratulations! I am honored to have witness such a historical event. You are a man that I respect. I respect your love for your wife, your deep love for your children and your humility. I respect your faith in Jesus Christ. I admire your heart. I would never want the job you just received, nor will I agree with everything that will happen, but I can promise to pray for you, your wife, your children, and those who surround you. You have a big job a head of you, may you represent Jesus Christ well and enjoy this opportunity.”

Lord, You are good, You are the same today as you were yesterday and as you will be in the days to come. I love that about you. Thank you for the men you have given this country to serve as President of the United States. Please be with President Bush as his time is coming to an end. I believe he has done his best and I pray you grant him peace as he leaves the life he has known for eight years. I pray for hand to be upon the Obama family. I pray for their protection. I ask you specifically to protect their love for one another, give them strength and surround them with Jesus Loving People! Give them people who love you! Surround them with wisdom, peace and patience. Specifically, I pray for your strength to come so President Elect Obama may be a man who honors you and represents you well. From his own lips, he loves you and recognizes you for who you are. Keep his faith strong and his heart humble. I love you, you are good and I cannot thank you enough for the blessings you have given me. Praises Be Unto You! Amen!


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