Your Mama Loves YOU!


Hey buddy –

As I look back on the last year, I smile when I remember what I was feeling the week before you came. I was so excited to meet you, to see you for the first time, to kiss your face and hold you close. I would lay in bed at night and watch you move around in my tummy, I wondered what you looked like, what you smelled like and was so excited to just hold you.

You are getting to be so big, so quickly. I remember the first time I heard you cry. Your daddy and I were in the OR, just waiting to hear your cry. The first time I heard you was like nothing I had ever heard. My heart melted, my eyes filled with tears and I could not wait to hold you. Daddy had you all wrapped up and was holding you tightly, he brought you over to me and I was able to kiss your sweet face for the very first time. From that moment on, I could not get enough of you. That first night was a little bumpy, mama got the wrong meds, so we did not get to spend much time together, but first thing that morning, once everything settle down, we snuggled together for hours.

We took naps together, while I held you close, you slept so soundly on my chest. Your smell was captivating and your warm body against mine was something I still treasure. Your daddy cuddled with you, fed you, changed you and was a pro at wrapping so warm and tight in the blankets. You looked like a little burrito. As you approach your first birthday, a day that has forever changed my life, I want you to know I love you. I miss you while I am away at work and cannot wait to see you when I get home.

Your days with Nana and Miss Pam are such a blessing. They love you so much and enjoy spending time with you. Mama has loved watching you make friends at Miss Pam’s and the time you spend with her and her family is such a blessing. You could not be with a better day care provider.

I love you buddy, I always will and I pray one day you will know a love from Above that is like no other. Happy Birthday Week! Mama

Lord, bless this little man. Keep him from harms away. Bless him with a passion for you, speak to him, love on him and flood him with your peace. As he grows, may he fall madly in love with You and want to know you and your word. Bless him Lord. I love you, and am forever grateful to you for the blessing he is in my life. Amen.


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  1. So sweet. You’re a good mama 🙂 I can’t believe he’s almost a year old!

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