Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. —Hebrews 13:8, NIV

This picture was taken at the Grand Opening of the Hospital I work at. I was 6 months pregnant and it was hot. I had worked a very long day, and yet this is one of my favorite pictures, I think one of the 3 I have of me pregnant – but I love my hair in this one…

Anyways, I was talking with a friend today, via email… I love email… and we were talking about our marriages. Now, both of us with have experianced the change a child brings to a marriage, we have both experianced very trying times in our marriages and I would say, we have a pretty realistic view of what life has to offer. By all means, we are not well traveled women, nor do we have 20 years of experiance under our belts. But what we do have, determination. As we were talking/emailing, it was clear to me, that we really love our husbands. I know that might sound odd. But just listen to the people around you, maybe at work, your neighbors or even close friends from church. It is not all that often that people talk well about their marriage or their husband. So my pray is that I will also reflect him in a good way, that I will choose my venting friends wisely and I will love on him regardless of what my day has been like.

Can you believe, I actually heard someone say “I would talk to him at dinner, but I am stressed from work, so we just watch TV and eat.” Seriously –

I have also heard people say “When I married him, I loved him…” Which leaves me to think they don’t love them anymore…

I know some people say things scarastically, but others are serious. One of the biggests lessons I have learned, is our words are powerful things, they change lives, they destroy families and they can have an everlasting impact, good or bad… People carry around what we say, they rely on our words to be true, people say what we say…

Lord, give me words that make your proud. Give me the blessing of your pressence and the wisdom to keep my mouth shut… Bless my friendships that are safe venting places with understanding and love. Bless the marriages around me, bless the wifes and husbands with such love for one another they cannot contain it. I love you. May your will be done today, and may I please be a part of it… Amen


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