I know, I am a total Mama, but today, October 1st marks the first official day of Isaac’s 1st birthday month. You see, in my house, we celebrate birthday months, that way there is no pressure to do anything special on the actual day, you have the entire month to celebrate. So, today, the celebration begins….

I have ordered fancy meals to be prepared each night, with a home made dessert that he can enjoy. A petting zoo comes this weekend, however, we will be out of town, but I thought it would be a nice treat for the neighbors, next weekend a carnival and the weekend of his actual birthday we will be having a small get together with Will Smith, the actor, and his fabulous family. I spared no expense for his first birthday month.

Seriously people…. nothing big will be happening for Isaac’s birthday or birthday month. It is just a time for me as his mama to celebrate the gift I was given. Of course it also gives me full access to purchase any small item with total justification, you know, a new outfit – for me of course, because it is my son’s birthday month – don’t worry I will get a new out fit for him too…. Maybe a new lip gloss or lotion from my favorite place –

But what this month really means to me, is far greater than any party I could ever throw. You see, two years, to the day Isaac was born, was the very first time my husband was hospitalized. Isaac was 3 weeks early and the date of his arrival could not be more perfect, he was given to us as a reminder of the amazing power of the Lord. I look at him and could not be more amazed. The road we traveled was rough and at times very dark, but today, this month we have reason to celebrate more than the birth of our son, we have come along way, we have fallen in love more deeply with one another, and I personally have fallen passionately in love with Jesus. Nothing I can say can sum up what he has done for me… I am speechless as I look back on the last three years…

Jesus, your name leaves me breathless. Your peace is all consuming and your love is something I treasure. The journey of those two years before Isaac came was a rough one, but your promises ring true. Your love overcame our heartache and your peace transformed me. As I have watched Isaac these last 12 months, I am amazed at your love for me. Thank you for the gift of my family. I love you and forever will. Amen.


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