Big Enough God….

I believe I serve a BIG God… one that is big enough to handle my pissy moments. So here I am Lord, take me, all of me… I am seriously struggling with the thoughts of what Andrew has over come in the last two years and the thought of traveling down a similar road leaves me shaking with fear. I cried myself to sleep last night thinking of the possibility of repeating the journey we have already traveled… So today, I am frustrated, and I believe my God can handle that. So, here I am, asking Him to show up, because I am tired and don’t think I have it in me to walk this road once again….


One Response

  1. I definitely don’t know anything about anything but I do KNOW that we serve a HUGE God! I will be praying that our God would come and plant Himself in your home, in your mind and heart, with your baby and your husband. You are loved, well thought of, and prayed for. God is good!-Tara

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