Politics – Yep – Read at your own RISK!

Well, here it is. Take it or leave it. I have been watching the political conventions, commercials and so called “reliable interviews” and have come up with this statement in regards to the election.


I know we live in a free country and it is a privilege to vote. I know, coming from a political family myself, that the things we hear on the news or even in the interviews are not always 100% accurate. Which in today’s world, that means, we are flooded with the “truth” about these candidates from the TV, Radio, Blogs, Websites, MySpace, Cell Phone Advertisements and even the basic media coverage, you know, the kind that requires you to read an actual piece of paper. But even the Newspapers and Magazines and so called “Truth be Told” books are all saying something different. I have yet to find a source that will tell me exactly what each of these candidates stand for. Every source I have been given thus far, can be countered by another “reliable” source. So, for me, I want to hear it from the mouths of these men, exactly how they stand on the issues in today’s election. I want to hear how they plan to fix the economy, I want to hear their stand on abortion, I want to hear them talk about how they are going to pay for the promises they made in the convention speeches without raising taxes just to cover the cost. I want to hear the plan on the gas prices and off shore drilling. I want to sit down with these men and talk to them. I know, I will keep dreaming.


But seriously – I remember when I was in high school and we were voting for the Prom King and Queen. Really, today’s political elections are very similar to those of a high school one. Who is more popular and who says the best things in the catchiest way. I have heard it over and over “we are just voting for the lesser of two evils”. Well, when you put it that way, why would I even bother to vote? How can I make an educated decision, one I can support with facts, no opinions, one that I can stand behind for 4 years and one that I can be proud of, if all I have is misleading information?


Think about it – would you buy a house or a car if the only information you had was similar to the information coming from the elections? If you went to the bank to close on your home loan, would you really purchase the house if you could not get a factual answer about the structural foundation? Would you purchase a house if you could not get in writing what your payments would be, penny for penny, for the remainder of your loan? Would you just “take someone’s word” on the financial aspect of this life changing decision? I, personally, would answer NO to all those questions.


So, why is it then that I am expected to vote for someone who promises to do something about gas prices, the economy and the safety and security of my “house” or the United States in this matter, without really being able to understand every aspect of the plans these people have, for the promises they say they will be able to uphold. I am not going to just give you my vote, you have to earn it. You have to truthfully tell me the details that surround your promises…. You have to be honest. Is that too much to ask?



3 Responses

  1. AMEN! Keep watching … I’m proud of you! Hopefully we will learn more in the debates.


  2. Mary~

    Hi friend, long time no chat! I completely forgot about your blog, I’m so glad that I found it again.
    I’m totally over the politics as well.
    I went through your blog and saw pictures of you (not so) little guy! I can’t believe that I’ve never met him in real life 😦 We’re going to have to remedy that soon.
    I love and miss you!

  3. Hey darlin…
    Check out factcheck.org and snopes.com to debunk the things that are in your email and on TV. You can even rss subscribe to these sites and get the newest stuff. Check their senate records (http://obama.senate.gov/ and http://mccain.senate.gov/public/). Look closely at their campaign websites and research what they say. Be careful about being baited too much by the divisive issues, what really makes a strong foundation for this country? Reflect on what’s really in your heart and whose policies support the least among us? Feel free to email me for my take if you’d like, chelpennock (at) gmail (dot) com. My pop just asked me too.

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