Attempting to grow up…

Growing up at 27, well, or at least making the best of it. This is the first time in my entire short life, that I have remotely even cared about politics or even really had an opinion on many of the issues. Having a past, like any one’s, mine is filled with awesome memories but it is also covered in mistakes. And it is those mistakes, that make me passionate about the things I stand for. Do I stand for Obama or McCain? Do I classify myself as Pro Life or Pro Choice? Do I care about where we get the oil from or just that it needs to be cheaper because I am tired of paying a pretty penny at the pump? What is behind the issues, the political “discussion” topics, and why do I believe the way I believe?


Well, simple, regardless of who becomes president, my God will still be God. I will still bleed for Jesus and I will still love Him more passionately than any other issue I am passionate about. Do I really want to vote for “the lesser of the two evils”? Or do I want to trust my God, that He is in charge, regardless of what happens, He already knows, so what makes me so passionate?


The mistakes that cover my past make me passionate, more tender to the generations behind me, more sensitive to the issues of abortion and the way children in today’s world grow up. It is those mistakes, the ones that I was once ashamed of that now I can speak about with pride. Pride because it is because of them that I have seen first hand the power of redemption, the power of God’s grace, the life changing peace of Jesus’s hand upon my face as tears stream down my face. It is those every moments in life, that once were my darkest, that I can now say are the ones I am the most proud of. After all, if we never make mistakes, we would never need Jesus right – Isn’t he all that really matters? If He does not hold onto my mistakes, why should I? One thing I have learned, guilt, well, that is not from anything holy. That is not from the One I love and the One I bleed for. Guilt, is not something He places upon my heart, nor is shame. So Back Off – giver of Guilt. You have no place in my life.


Lord, thank you for the passion you have placed with in me. Thank you for the friends that surround me. Thank you for the freedom to make choices and I praise you for your ability to make whatever choices I make something that will bring you Praise. That is what I want out of life. Take my path, all that it is makes of, high moments and mistakes, and turn it into a song of Praise. I love you.


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