Great Summer, Gymnastics and First Milestones!

Well, the summer is officially coming to an end… By that I mean, the pools are closing. You see, my summer always started when the pools opened, which normally is Memorial Day and my summer always ended when they closed, which normally is Labor Day. Now, as a kid, that was a horrible way to judge time, only because when the pools opened, school was not over yet and when they closed, school had just started. But now, as a very mature adult! I think it is a great way to classify the “summer”.


So, this summer has been a very busy one. I am hoping to take and post pictures tonight, but for now, I will fill you in on the summer happenings at our house.


#1. Home Improvements – if you know me, you know that I love the HGTV channel, much to my husbands dismay. I had a very large list of random projects that I wanted to complete by Andrew’s Birthday – which we are totally ahead of schedule by the way. So here is a list for your amusement – Thank you Daddy/Grandpa Marty for your hard work and Mom/Grandma Cheryl for your sweet sweat and company!


* Storm Door – I have wanted a storm door for SO LONG! I love having it open, letting the fresh air in and the amount of light and openness it provides is amazing! My handy husband and AJ installed this wonderful thing with great success and I love it more everyday!


* New Kennel for the Doggy – Nyhja has been staying in the garage while we are at work and I wanted her to have a “space” for herself and her stuff… mostly I was trying to alleviate the possibility of running her over as I pull into the garage, so my dad built her an amazing house, again, I will take pictures tonight and post them tomorrow.


* Play Room for Isaac – We have an amazing storage closest the wraps under the stairs, so I thought it would make a perfect play room for the little guy. And HE LOVES IT! My mom and I moved everything out of the “storage closet” and moved in all of Isaac’s toys. He loves it – did I already say that. 🙂 So, I promise to post pictures of him in the play room and I will post a picture of it all neat and tidy!


* PAINT! – I have wanted to re-paint our bedroom and bathroom for a very long time. I have never liked the colors and wanted something a little softer. Now, I have a fabulous retreat. A peaceful place that I love. It is very calm and I could not be happier.


* Office/Loft – I wanted to do something different with our office for a while. I am hoping I have before and after pictures of this space and the bedroom. But we will see. I wanted to create a place where I can sit and read the Word in the mornings and have a space that is safe for Isaac as well. I did just that, it is well organized, with less furniture and I love spending my time with the Lord there every morning.


Now that long list is over, onto #2. THE OLYMPICS! Need I say more? I have spent HOURS watching everything I could. Don’t think for a minute that I missed any part of the Gymnastics. I loved every minute it of and spent hours reminiscing about my competition days. It was fun to watch these girls, well, young women, compete. Having spent the majority of my life in the gym, it was so much to fun watch all the competitions. It was definitely a great way to spend the evenings – one of my favorite summer memories yet.


#3. Isaac is growing all the time – a few BIG milestones have happened during the summer… He really started to crawl, no longer doing the army crawl with his belly on the ground, but he is totally moving now! He is not only moving around the house by crawling – he sure is standing and pulling himself up on everything possible. I love to come into his room in the morning and see him standing there just waiting for me to pick him up and love on him!  Plus – he has gotten his TWO FRONT TEETH! Yep – he is getting to be such a big boy – I tell ya, lots has happened!


So, I promise to take some pictures tonight and get them posted in the morning. I hope you have enjoyed the summer, as these last few days come and go, I pray you enjoy them all to the fullest!


Lord, your blessings are powerful and your peace is rich in my life. Thank you for a great summer, thank you for precious memories and for your abundant joy in my life. I love you more than anything! Amen!


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