What do I want to do when I grow up….

I have been blessed with a job that is wonderful, for the most part. I love the health care industry. I always wanted to be a doctor of some kind. But I could never do that much school! I have spent 3 years working with the same people at the same place in the same town. Which is why I ask the famous question: what do I want to do when I grow up?


I figure now that I am a mama, I am as “grown up” as I am ever going to get. So here are some of my ideas as to what I really want to do. Since I need to work, I want to do something that I love, truly enjoy everyday. Something challenging that involves people and making a drastic difference in people’s lives. I spent four years in college, graduated with a degree, majoring in two “schools” – Biblical Studies and Business Leadership.


1. Teacher – I always hated school. I never really liked anything more than school supply shopping, science classes, recess, lunch and the after school sports. But lately I have really been thinking about teaching. I would love to teach elementary school, something like that sounds fun. I would love the kids. I love the school year, the school supplies, the kids sitting in their neatly laid out rows of desks, and the idea of grading little pages of homework seems to spark joy in me.


2. Administrative Assistant – which is what I currently do. I like what I do, I am just ready for something more challenging and more interesting. I love the people I work with, I am just not sure I am using my skills and knowledge to the best of my abilities. I would not want to do Administrative work any where else, mostly because I love the people here.


3. In Home Day Care – I love the idea of doing a small in home day care. Once Andrew and I buy a home, I have visions of what an in home day care would be like. Because I thrive on routine, I see a scheduled day, filled with activities, maybe trips to the park or to the pool in the summer. Baking cookies in the winter and at some point in the day, a nice long quiet time. Either for a nap or just a nice quiet rest. During the winter we could watch a movie and have popcorn, we could play in the snow in the back yard or we could do some kind of crafty thing to surprise mama as she comes to pick up her little one.


So there are my thoughts for today. That is what I am day dreaming about. Am I where I am suppose to me? Am I really doing what I am suppose to be doing? Nothing puts more fear and anxiety in me that the thought of being someone in life because I want to be there, not because the Lord has me there.


Lord, please place a firm calling and blessing of peace over my heart and mind as I think and pray about where I am suppose to be in life and what I am suppose to spend my day. I am at peace with working, but please give me direction as to where I am suppose to work, or what I am suppose to do. Turn my heart towards your throne and guide me. I give up all my selfish desires and leave these worries in your hands. After all, those are the same hands that created everything I see, so I have full confidence in your ability to create something amazing with my heart and my life. I love you. Amen.


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