Hi Buddy!

Hi Buddy!

I know you are having a great time with Nana today, but I miss you today. As I look out my window at work I catch myself dreaming of us hanging out together. As I watch you growing up everyday, I want to make sure we get to do some of the things we would do if I was at home with you everyday. You and I talk about the path the Lord has us on almost every morning, so we know that me working is what I am suppose to do for right now. But I want you to know, that I think of ways I could spend my day with you if we were able to hang out. So, just in case, I made a list of all the things we should do together as you are getting older. These are some of Mama’s favorite things so hopefully you will enjoy them too.

1. Picnic at the park – we will take lunch and your puppy to the park. We can swing and play on the slide. We can run around with Nhyja and enjoy our lunch on a nice soft blanket.

2. Swimming – we will take our lunch to the pool and hang out there all day. We will play in the water, nap under some shade and laugh until we cannot laugh any more. We will swim underwater, diving for toys Mama puts on the bottom of the pool. We can jump off the diving board and do flips into the water. We can eat our lunch at the rest break and maybe get some ice cream on the way home.

3. Trips to the Zoo – we can go to the zoo. We can see the monkeys, penguins, giraffes and the polar bears. We can have a snack while we walk around, maybe an ice cream cone or two. We will take lots of pictures and spend the entire day learning about all the different animals.

4. A PB&J and A Movie – we could stay home, maybe on a cold day. We would have PB & J for lunch and cuddle up to an afternoon movie. We could maybe even build a fort in the living room.

5. Baking Cookies – Another cold day, we could spend the afternoon baking cookies for all of us to have for dessert that night, after you eat a good dinner of course.

Well, I have to get back to work, but buddy, I sure do miss you today. I love you and we will get a few things done on our list soon. Even if I have to miss a day of work.

I love you! Mama.


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