Sometimes, being an adult is not so fun.

Recently, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family, Andrew and Isaac. We have spent a few weekends in the mountains, the week nights have been great faily nights and we are starting to really have a great time together, not like we have not always had fun, but it is really starting to become a wonderful experiance, this family thing. But, lately, I have not wanted to go to work, I have not wanted Andrew to go to work, I want all of us to be at home, playing games on the floor with Isaac or swimming in the pool, or just hanging out. I have struggled to get to work everyday. I know, it sounds silly, but I believe I am suppose to be working in the job I currently have. I have prayed several times about moving within the hospital or even finding a new company to work for, and the Lord keeps telling me to stay put. I love the people I work with,  but I love my family more. I am tore between my hearts desire of being with my family and providing for my family. I know I am suppose to stay right were I am, at work, at home and in life in general. I just don’t want to.

I wanted to move, I wanted to buy a bigger house, but after praying about it, the Lord has really changed my heart. Now, I want to stay right where we are, the Lord has given me peace about that. I am praying for peace about working, working with the people I work with, working at the place I work at and most of all, giving me peace about leaving my son everyday. I know, it might sound like I am rambeling but, I kind of am… I think I just need to process things –

The Lord is good! I know He is good and faithful. I guess I just need some time with Him, alone time with my Father, just us. I am STARVING FOR HIM!

Lord, please just walk with me during this time. Please cover me with peace and show up in a big way. Want to hang out soon? Maybe tonight, just you and me, we can talk all night. I want to be full with you, full of you and surrounded by you. Smother me, shower me with your rain and never stop. I love you!


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