My Babies Daddy…

This weekend was my husband’s first Father’s day. Over the last few days, I have had an oppurtunity to do a lot of thinking. Here are my thoughts.

1. I love you more today, and each day to come. You are the love of my life. You are the one I am so excited to grow old with, to walk thru life with and to laugh with.

2. You are a strong man, you have overcome so much. Watching you over the past two years has truly been an inspiration.

3. I would not trade the past few years for anything. Watching your faith overcome the challenges of the last two years has been something that has truly changed my life.

4. I love laughing with you, I love playing cards in bed, beating you at any game, and you totally know I always win! I love the memories we already have.

5. I love watching Isaac do thing that you do. The way he might look at me, or the way he laughs are the greatest gifts, because he often does those things the exact same way you do.

6. I love the fact that we are starting our family. I love to dream about the kids in our future, the adventures to come and memories we have yet to experiance.

7. I love that you are my husband, my son’s daddy and my very best friend.

8. I love that I can tell Isaac every morning, and mean it with all my heart, that he will never have to worry about his daddy and mama breaking up, because we are in it for life. I love knowing that.  

9. I know it might sound cheesey, but I tell your son with pride, that his mama married super man! You are my hero, you are your son’s hero and you are everything we could ever want!

10. Basically, it comes down to, I cannot say it enough, I LOVE YOU! Happy Father’s Day.

You are mine, but most of all, I am forever yours. My heart has fallen in love with you and only you!


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