Submission – What a fabulous word –

So recently, we have had the blessing of having someone come into our house and clean it for us, twice a month. It was a gift and let’s just say I loved every minute of it. Between working full time, Isaac starting to get more and more active and Andrew going back to school, the extra help around the house was a nice treat. Well, the gift has now expired and I asked my loving husband if we could continue to use this service, although now we would have to pay for it 🙂

Before I go any further – I want to ask – what would you give up, because your husband asked you too – would you think twice or would you simply submit to his request?

Well, I thought twice, I thought twice very loudly actually! So technically – I verbalized my thoughts! I really like having someone clean my house, I don’t have to spend the weekends doing it, or I don’t have to come home from work and do it – it just got done. It was so magical, to leave for work, and come home to a sparkling clean house! So, Andrew is going back to school, Isaac is getting more and more active as time goes by and the budget is still the very same, TIGHT! So, we had our normal budget review conversation, the same coversation we always, excpet this time, I heard these sad words “I don’t think we can afford to have her come this month to clean.” Now, my husband takes care of the budget, the savings, Isaac’s college fund, you name it, he does it all. Well, over the past few days, I have been praying about my reaction to those words. And truthfully, it was not a good one.

I should have supported his decision, rather than fight about it. I should have submitted to his decision, rather than try to get my way, which I am very good at sometimes. But this time was different for me. I felt justified in my desire, I felt like my desire to have someone clean the house, was by far, more important and much more of a priority than anything in the budget, simply because it made my life, my week and my month much easier.

Needless to say, my time with the Lord was interesting as a result of my heart. The Lord spoke loudly to me, I have since submitted to my husband’s request, only to find out there is a compromise available. Which if I would have listened to before, this entire fight could have been washed away. But, not me, I am one to always want to express my feelings. The Lord blessed me with an oppurtunity to grow and change, an oppurtunity to become a woman I am proud of and an oppurtunity to love on my husband thru the simple act of submission.

What areas in your life would you have a hard time turning over? Deleting? I know several woman who would give anything up if the Lord asked them to, but what if your husband asked you to? What a lesson in love for me. Something I am still processing but something I am enjoying all the same.


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