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4 Fabulous Years

So this weekend, Andrew and I went away to celebrate our 4th Anniversary! We had a great time. We spent time in Keystone, CO which is one of our favorite places to go. We slept in, ate great food and enjoyed one another. Isaac stayed with Nana and the dog stayed with her friends, so everyone had a great time. As I came back to work yesterday, I was reminded of something Andrew shared with me that in my mind is something I will strive to live by everyday.

He is reading a book that he enjoys, and he shared a little portion of it with me. It was all about how this man saw his daily task of reporting to work as a form of worship to the Lord. He saw his job as a way to worship His creator. Well, as a new mama, I want nothing more than to be at the pool with my baby this summer, maybe enjoying a walk in the park or just staying around the house, cleaning and folding freshly dried cloths. But, my job, as a form of worship? Man, that is a hard one for me. I know we are to love the Lord in all we do, but it is even harder, when we are doing something we would rather not do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love the people I work with and I work for. I enjoy my time away from the home and with adults, but there are some days when I would rather be loving on my baby, maybe pool side, but loving on him all the same. So today, in the midst of my typing, appointment scheduling, phone answering, busy and crazy day, I will work for Him, worshiping Him with every keystroke and word I speak, or at least, I will try to do so.

Lord, I know, it’s me again. We talk often it seems. But I love those times when we talk. So, I want to thank you for the job I have, the people I work with and the salary you have given me. Thank you for the ability to do my job well, to enjoy the people I work with and for and please remind me that everything I do, I do for you. I want to serve you well today, I want to represent you well and I want to worship you with my actions. As the weather turns warmer and my desires to play outside grow stronger, please remind me of the blessings that come from having my job. Thank you so much for your love, your Son and His Life. I love you and do what you will with me today, I am here to do it all for you. Amen!

PS: Thank you for my husband, who loves you more than life itself. Thank you for blessing my life with his words and knowledge. As we continue to love on each other and spend the rest of our lives together, bless us with laughter and love. Amen!


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  1. I stop by and read sometimes. I just wanted to say I really love your praising God and your prayers! Nice blog!!

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