This is a story about a particularly poignant patient that has truly changed my life over recent weeks. This patient and I are similar in one way, we are both mothers. My heart has grown found of her, my prayers have covered her husband as well as those who have taken care of her. I wrote a blog earlier this month about her, but there is more to the story. We often hear about the negative experiences people have at local hospitals, and I am an employee who is very proud to work at the local hospital in my hometown. I have come to love the people I work with and there are patients that change my life, and this is one of those stories. As a part of the team who designed, built and campaigned for the new campus. I am proud to see our efforts make such a difference. This patient, the care she received and her ongoing progress are clearly a testament to the technology and equipment those of us on the team worked do hard toward in the years and months leading to the transition of the new campus. When we planned our critical departmental adjacencies, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and expansive operating suites it was with patients like her in mind. But this story is not about the science of healing, but rather the art of caring, and more so about simple faith, and the love of averange people.  The patient I spoke of earlier was a mother who has been cared for by the ICU staff for several days. As her nurse was asked what else we could do for this patient, her reply was one that brought the spirit and compassion of Christ and the simplistic love that is instilled in us all to the forefront of my mind. Her Nurse replied, “Well, I thought we’d do something special for Mother’s Day.” An elaborate plan came to fruition on that Sunday. The patient was moved, complete with monitoring equipment, outside to a bright, warm, sunny day, her family beside her as they had been for the past few days.  The Healing Garden, our outside relaxation garden, was put to good use this Mother’s Day. Family pictures were taken by a staff member and another staff member came in to assist with the patient’s hair and make up and all other manner of preparation necessary for the family to gather for a proper recognition of the matriarch of their family. After their time in the Healing Garden the party moved inside where food and a larger family gathering were again accommodated by ICU staff, pot-luck included. The patient and her family were clearly beyond words. The goodness of these women is something I am proud of. Their giving is something I cannot express in words. They were the hands and feet of the Lord, Jesus Christ on that Mother’s Day. They showed love to someone and her family who would have just expected nothing more than the routine visits she experienced during her stay with us in the ICU. Their unwavering desire to reach out and love this woman, one that I only know of because we are both mothers, is something that makes my heart sing with joy. I can tell you from experience, there are still good people in this world, there are still people who want to love those they do not know and most of all, Jesus Christ has been shown to so many people, just from the simple actions of 3 people. 3 people changed someone’s world that day – 3 people loved someone they did not have to love and I know for a fact, that my Lord and Savior is smiling because of the actions of these 3 people. Their ability to love and serve is something we can all learn from. Praises Be unto Him for He has worked a MIRICLE in my presence and I am praying you are blessed by it as I have been.


Lord – I love you and you deserve all the glory and praise for the actions of these women. Even if these women do not know you, people saw you thru their actions. Thank you for showing up at my work! I would love to have you show up more often! Amen!



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