PRAISE THE LORD! I work in a place where babies are born and loved ones die everyday. However, today, I have seen the miracles of the Lord. A woman delivered her baby a little over a week ago. She suffered complications and took a turn for the worse; she has been in the ICU and on a ventilator for a week. Her husband has sat by her bedside, loving her and I am sure praying for her. Well today, she has woken up – she is responding appropriately to yes or no questions. She recognizes her doctors and her husband. Everyone had doubts that she would even wake up, let a lone show all signs for a possible full recovery. I cannot shout it loud enough – PRAISE THE LORD!

Lord – You are good. You are holy and you are just. I love to see your miracles and I love to see you work in ways that will bring people to their knees. I love to watch you bring doctors to tears; they stand in amazement of your works. They are shocked to see your work be done. The nurses are overwhelmed with emotion and all I can say is PRAISES UNTO YOU!  You bring tears to me eyes, my fingers cannot type fast enough to express how wonderful you are. I love you, I love you – I LOVE YOU – I LOVE YOU! Praises be! Forever and ever AMEN!



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  1. That is awesome, Mary! God is so good! Praise Him!

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