Thursday’s random thoughts –


Well – this is the picture I wanted to post yesterday – but the day got away from me so it is being posted today. Tomorrow is a big HOLIDAY for our house – I am not sure if anyone will possible guess what Holilday I am referring to – but we have spent the week preparing for Friday – we have watched all the latest shows that are focused on the big day. My husband is taking the day off of work and has an entire day of activities planed. This is a Holiday Celebration that I will celebrate in a totally different way than him. You see, when Isaac gets older – he will be able to participate in this Holiday – until then, he and I will celebrate the day with a nice simple meal – I am all for Mac and Cheese, possibly a glass of wine, a nice early bed time for him, a warm bath for me followed by an girly movie, and then off to bed – by the time I get settled into bed – I am sure the boys will still be celebtrating the holiday –

Any ideas as to what this holiday might be? I will let you in on it tomorrow – but until then – let me know what you think this holiday might be!


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