Another Mama First!

I have come to understand what it truly feels like to be someone’s Mama. I know this might sound odd, but today I feel more like a Mama than ever before. Why you might ask, because I finally had to arrange for a babysitter outside of family members. And, to make me feel old, I called one of the kids Drew babysat back in his younger years. Yep, we have recruited a babysitter to hang out with Isaac on Friday night, not to worry we will only be gone for 3 hours. So, I ask the question, is there something I should know before I leave my child with this teenage girl, who once was a young thing? I will admit, I am still thinking of her as the 9 year old girlie who participated in our wedding. I have no fears, for she is the oldest of 5 children. Who are all well behaved and I admire their Mama, and hope one day I will be the kind of Mama she is to her children.

So, I have the emergency information typed out neatly, I have a few approved movies set out for her to watch, I have planned to set out the pre-measure bottles in case Isaac eats up a storm, the diapers are stocked and my cell phone will be charged; we don’t have a home phone so our plan is to leave her with my cell phone in the event she needs anything. Which means I will totally know who she calls. You see, there was a time when I use to call my “boyfriend” while I was babysitting – and now, I am the Mama, so I am trying to limit the temptations she might face during this Friday night with my son! But because you all know that I am OCD, I have already organized everything she could possibly need ahead of time. Praise the Lord, I am ready for her on Thursday and she does not come until Friday. J

I will say this, even if this is a big step for this Mama, I would not want to leave my baby with anyone else other than this wonderful young woman I have been blessed to watch grow up.

How cool is the Lord I serve! Thank you Jesus for the precious one who will be looking after my precious one! You are good, and I love you!


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  1. Good for you guys taking time out for yourselves. It’s a great thing for Isaac to grow up seeing this and know that Mommy and Daddy love each other so much that they still “date”! I pray everything goes fabulously with the babysitter – sounds like you have everything thought out! Proud of you!

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