Wordfilled Wednesday

So instead of posting just a picture, today will be a little different. Isaac has spent the last few days traveling to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Daddy and I had a date night/weekend Friday and Saturday and Isaac stayed with them last night and is spending the day with them today. So needless to say, I MISS MY BABY~ but I have learned some very important things while he has been away.

First and foremost, I have comes to understand that this thing called parenting is a road that I will walk daily, even if I don’t see Isaac. I am forever someone’s Mama. I will never walk this road perfectly, I will say things I shouldn’t, I will do things I am not proud of and most of all, I will do all of it with a great deal of passion. But, in the end, my son will see the inperfections in me, love me anyways and come to know that the only perfect One is all that really matters.

Secondly, my life has changed, the people in my life have changed. My friends have all had babies recently and it has been so fun to watch all of us Mama’s blossom into such different people. I love them all and have enjoyed watching them fall in love with their babies! I have come to understand that I have not always been the best decision maker. There are times in my life that I know I have made poor choices, said some horrible things and acted in a way that is down right embarassing. But yet, the one thing that remains the same, is the fact that, the Lord does not love me any less. Rather, He has changed me, changed my heart, changed my confidence so I am able to stand by what I do or say, regardless if everyone agrees. But mostly, He has consumed me. Which is a rather lovely place to be, consumed by the Creator of the Universe. It is a transformation I am proud of, it is one that has produced many scares along the way and it is one that has come with a great deal of heart ache. But it has been worth it all.

Finally, I have learned that no matter what life may bring, Isaac is not really mine. I have been chosen to raise him, show him the ways of the Lord and love him thru all of his life, but in the end, he does not belong to me. I cannot change the path that is set before him, I cannot protect him for all the evil in the world, I cannot keep him from experiancing pain, but what I can do, I will do with a heart full of passion. I can love him, I can show him the love of the Lord, I can be honest with him about the pain life brings and I can be humble and forthcoming when I screw up. So, rather than keep him protected, sheltered and all to myself, I give him up to the Lord, each and everyday. So he might travel with Grandma and Grandpa, experiance the adventures of life, live life to the fullest and laugh often.

I miss you baby, you come home tonight and I cannot wait to kiss your face! 🙂


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