Adoration – Comment Repsonse

Adoration – the definition of adoration is “the act of adoring” which does not tell me much. So I went a little further, to the root of the word, adore – to worship or honor as a deity or as divine or to regard with loving admiration and devotion or to be very fond of. All of these definitions I can relate to, in terms of the feelings I have for the Lord –

I love to worship Him and honor Him as devine. I would consider myself extreamly devoted to Him and I am most definiately very fond of Him. Simply put, I just love Him, I love being in His presence, I love talking to Him, even about the little and often overlooked stuff and most of all I just love to think about Him.

Other things I adore – not in the same way or to the depth that I adore the Lord – are…

* My husband – I adore all of him – I admire him, I am devoted to him, I love him and most of all I am very fond of him – all of him. 🙂

* My son – I adore his little smile, his innocense , his smell, his eyes, his peacefulness when he sleeps on my chest and most of all, I adore his presence – I cannot get enough of it.

* My dog – I adore her – her company – her tale when it wags with excitement and her playfulness.

* Diet Pepsi – I adore the taste, the simplistic design of the can and the caffienee within the can!

* Sunny days – I am very fond of warm days. I love the smell in the air, the feeling of the sun on my shoulders and the memories I have of my summer days spent at the pool as a child.

* Office supplies – simply put – I am very fond of office supplies –

I think simply put, Adoration is another way of expressing one’s love and devotion to something, for me, it includes many things, one of which is the Lord.

Tell me your thoughts…


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