He drives me nuts…

Have you ever had someone who just drives you nuts? The very sound of this person’s voice sends chills up your spine. As you listen to them speak, your mind wanders and you have no real intention of even listening to what that individual is saying. There is an individual that I work with, I will call him Jimmy Dean. The very sight of him bothers me. The very sound of his voice stresses me out. He is an individual that I would never allow my son to be around. There is something off about him, there is something I don’t find peaceful and there is something that truly causes me to worry when he is around. If I were able to compare him to a celebrity, I would compare him to Michael Jackson. He really bothers me, he makes me un comfortable and everything about him sends chills up my spine. So, my question is this, how do I love him as Christ loves him? How do I work with him without judgment? How do I accept him for who he is? Any advice? I am open to what ever can help me…

Jesus, forgive me for my words of frustration and my ill thoughts towards this person. Make my heart tender towards him. Make my heart able to see him thru your eyes. Give me the ability to love him and respect him. Amen.


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